Fantastic, thanks, we will transfer you XR shortly.

Got it, thank you.

Hi @jrcornel , thanks for sending us 1000 Steem, we have sent you 10,000 XR. Youcan start buying geolocations with your XRs on the Mainnet at if you want. Transaction id

What is the revenue sharing about and how does it work?

Revenue shares is from network fees collected from ads and payments in XR apps which are distributed among the Stakers. For holders of less than 5000, they get within 25 miles of stake. For greater than 5000 XR, they get rev share from anywhere on network

When does the revenue share start and do holders need to stake that 5,000 XR or just own it?

Revenue share starts in Q3 (exact dates TBD). For the 5000 XR qualification, we will look at staked XR by wallet. So owners will have to stake them. XR can be unstaked anytime as well. Rewards will be distributed daily

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