Contents Protocol: Revolutionizing the Content Industry Through Blockchain Technology

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In recent past, the online content and VOD industry has witnessed tremendous growth such that it has more than doubled within just five years.


Just as this industry keep expanding geometrically, resources are directed to only a few platforms that gulp contents and this has led to sole control of data by the big players in the contents industry.

These lucky platforms leveraged on this and expanded within a short while, dominating the industry by the top-notch content offered by the content providers and precious data built through their services. Nonetheless, these platforms have been utilizing the data for personal gains and left out the content providers.

To right these palpable wrongs, some contents providers have ceased offering their products to the platforms and have began to build their own special platforms. Nevertheless, building an IT facility requires high technical expertise which is quite different from what contents providers can ever offer, and it equally comes with huge costs.

The cumulative effect of this is re-channeling of resources to building new platforms rather than investing in high-quality contents. This in turn reduces the quantity and quality of the contents on those platforms and gives a terrible user experience for guests while browsing for contents on the platform.

How Does Contents Protocol Resolve These Challenges?

Contents Protocol understands the relevance and centrality of data in the content world, but observed that the data is not broadly shared as a result of lack of trust among the actors.

Contents Protocol is set to revolutionize the content industry through the instrument of the blockchain, using current expertise and relationship developed in the content industry.

Contents Protocol seeks to reward the users for contributing to the content platform through the use of their data. The protocol is committed to transfer this habit to a real life business and further fast-track the public adoption of blockchain technology.


Contents Protocol is fully persuaded that the contents industry is unique in the sense that a sustainable blockchain project requires the active incorporation of every actors. Many users usually prefer to use medium to large contents like Hollywood films, TV movies and music from popular producers.

Inability to factor in these medium to large budget content offerers will eventually lead to offering contents that are produced by sole individuals and this contrasts what most consumers usually demand for. This is what makes Contents Protocol unique.

Contents protocol seeks to attain a public acceptance of blockchain system and tokenized economy, presenting the new innovation to the consumers without the need for any foreknowledge of blockchain or cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, Contents Protocol already has formed business relationship with the general contents providers and a current service of wide consumer base.

The participants in the Contents Protocol are the consumers, review aggregator platforms, consuming platforms and content providers.


Contents Protocol Token

The CPT is the native currency of the Contents Protocol platform and it is an ERC20 standard type token which is used to reward nodes that contribute to the development of the platform. CPT coins is equally used to access all services offered on the platform by the consumers.


CPT hard cap is 40,000 ether and the maximum market cap is $72 million.




The major problems of the contents industry is the utilization of users’ data and content creators hardwork without adequate compensation which has led to inferior quality. Contents Protocol comes with blockchain technology that guarantees high-quality contents and rewards the content providers and consumers adequately for their input to the platform.

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