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Hello everyone, I want to introduce to you today the next-gen commerce on the blockchain.
Join me as I review PLAZA bCommerce!


What is Plaza Systems?

The Plaza systems bridge the gap between lifestyle and technology. It is a systems integration company that focused in providing the advantages of blockchain technology to business by solving problems.

How were they able to achieve those?

First they provided the fastest next generation blockchain commerce infrastructure for dealers and businesses.

Secondly, they made it possible for buyers and consumers to avoid high prices and the "big data" easily.

It was a total bCommerce solution because it integrates the fast and future-proof MerchantChain and the Freedom Lifestyle suite of search and payment tools.

Regarding the Plaza's freedom lifestyle, browsing experience, search and payment tools are cost effective, convenient, more liberating, more private, more rewarding and safe similarly with the conventional tools. They all work together with the state-of-the-art multi-crypto Plaza wallet.

While the fast and future-proof MerchantChain which is the foundation of the Total bCommerce is the best in terms of speed, scaleability, sustainability and security. Besides, it is also the most future-proof distributed ledger for commerce.

It is stable, predictable and very suitable for commercial applications because the features highlighted below;

  • Amazing speed of fifteen thousand tps at about to 3 seconds confirmation period.
  • Intrinsic sustainability (ledger maintained by ultra low powered internet of things (IOT) devices and desktop or mobile applications in accordance with a proof-of-reputation (PoR) algorithm.
  • Unlimited scaleability (positive relationship between user numbers and deployed nodes).
  • Improved security (It is mandatory for all parties to have the AURA SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate, which protects from fraud and implant trust and confidence in the community.
  • Future-proof which means that ledger will still be safe even after the code-breaking power of quantum computing becomes difficult to deal with.

The MerchantChain Transaction Coin (MTC)

In the Plaza systems, sellers on the MerchantChain can create their coin known as the MTC (Merchant Chain Transaction Coin). The MTC is supported by real world value and not market sentiment. Besides, it is specifically designed for spending and not an object you can withhold and it is consumer friendly with just two decimal places unlike other coins.

Here is the juicy part.

The Plaza debit card made it possible to spend crypto anywhere you find yourself. It may be on the move, at shops, hotels and restaurant and you can as well withdraw into local currency from ATMs without hassle.

The Plaza Merchants sold the pre-paid PlazaCards along with the instructions to guide users when setting up their PlazaWallets and provided cardholders with an offline means to fund their Plaza wallets with local currency.
The PlazaDesktop and PlazaMobile are applications that offer a familiar online shopping experience including other mouth-watering advantages such as;

  • Ability to surf through the whole internet for options and prices.
  • A low transaction fee makes it possible to have additional savings.
  • The help of a discreet AI (artificial intelligence).
  • The possibility to check for products and services online in a faceless mode thereby avoiding mining by the "big data” or subjection to targeted ads.
  • The automatic payment of royalties by the MerchantChain maintenance node.

Furthermore, the PlazaConcierge is another fantastic feature of the Plaza system. It is a voice activated smart speaker that works only for its owner and not the developer you purchased it from. It functions includes the following;

  • YES! It has hands-free personal assistance and faceless shopping.
  • YES!! it provides secure element for PlazaWallets data and person information and
  • YES!!! It covers automatic royalties payment by the MerchantChain maintenance code.

Now let’s move on to the Plaza Lifestyle Rewards

The Plaza Lifestyle Rewards

Another beneficial feature of the Plaza system is the Plaza lifestyle rewards. Ask me how?

Well, the entire Plaza stake holders, consumers, dealers, merchant benefits from the "Plaza Lifestyle Rewards." It automatically pays out real value without delay or conditions attached.

The Plaza token

The Plaza utility token supported by Ethereum connects the Plaza system to the rest of the crypto world. It brought about the building of decentralized applications on the MerchantChain. With the Plaza token, you can access the most exclusive PlazaCard membership class and it pays the Plaza Lifestyle Rewards, MerchantChain maintenance royalties and Plaza Arbitration fees as well.

ICO Details

Token: PLAZA
PreICO Price: 1 ETH = 5000 PLAZA (1 PLAZA = 0.0002 ETH)
Platform: Ethereum
Payment Mode: ETH
Minimum investment: 0.25 ETH
Hard cap: 100000 ETH



In conclusion, the Plaza systems eliminate the confusion and complexity of new technology to facilitate the availability of savings, security, privacy and consumer freedom for all.

For more information, visit;


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