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Soon as the shit storm passes, the flowers may bloom! 🌻🌹🍄

So I have restarted this post many times..

This will be the one and when I am done, onward focus for-words!

Perhaps it'll be a rant, I don't know. That's been happening lately, it comes in waves like rivers over flowing. I cringe as I resist the urge to re-read and self-edit. In the moment I say what I feel and I get things off my chest. Not intending to influence others, simply a catharsis of self expression even through disappointment and FUD.

We are programmed to be strong and loyal at all times. I'm accept that, so I practicing flexibility and fluidity in my parallel. I don't ask people to follow me, I prefer you go your way and we'll catch up later. I'm wavy as fuck, like to take my time and question everything. Especially my existential self and I'm happy with this experience so far. Be water my friend.

Sharing truths as medicine is a blessing of free expression, especially in the face of opposition. We grow stronger with balance in our cores. Each one walks their own way, so it's nice to hold hands for a while as we cross paths.

Follow your Heart: Create your Reality, Love is your Art and the World is your Gallery 💗

The more I sit with the implications of my own voluntarism, the more I come to terms with these expectations. It's all ways been a learning and growing process: a blockchain social experiment.

Sure consciously and unconsciously we are paying with our attention. We might do well to read between the lines and outside of our comfortable curation bubbles sometimes. To actually tune in to the inner-tensions, intentions and interactions of the infrastructure. Though ignorance is also blissful right? It's easy to take a partial idea or a whole ideal, be life in the vision and direction, then head down drive for the distant destination. What about being here now?

Especially as I reflect on my own personal motivations. The idea of rewarding creativity and empowering sovereignty through online entrepreneurship has always felt like a liberating thing to get with. Wow this is it! Look a convenient and strategically designed, early adopters "platform" that inspires the hearts of libertarians and a potential social media revolution.

Just check who's navigating every now and then..

"This life cycle of Steemshit reminds me of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva" - kounter-fit
Could this mean early Steemians are the children of a blockchain pantheon?
The removers of obstacles, patrons of the arts and writings by chance?

FOMO marketing 101: Forever in Beta of course!

Endless, open-source, limitless, low entry opportunity comes with a price of course. Sure we've jumped ship from the Fakebook govern-mind data farm. Stinc welcomes all social media refugees to STEEM, come build our privately owned Destiny. Just know that you are the workers, this happens all the time to Artists and Lovers. Pure passion is harnessed to build systems and contain communities. Some scraps are thrown around to keep them hungry.

I saw a parting of the seas with crypto-currency and decentralization. Satoshi leading the exodus through blockchain and freeing the people. The internet alive as a planetary nervous system, our nodes connecting and awakening our hive mind. When I learned about STEEM I realized that alt chains were integral aspects of the crypto-engine. I just had no clue who was gonna build an Ark big enough for everyone to get onboard, not just traders and investors. I don't care who is the first, we hope to see many don't we? The loyalist tribalist mentality is merely slowing the mass adoption. I don't have the skills to code it myself, my dharma is to share and simplify, and so I wait.

Meta-mind chimes in: The internet was built on porn, that is historical fact. Ever since conception of networked computers our starved humanity has served our shamed and most neglected primal desire. The parasites have monopolized, dominated and drained this sacred root energy. Now spreading up to penetrate the higher energy centers, the daily heart connection. Censor bots scrub away the sexuality from which they were born from every corner of social media. Galvanizing a singular puritan artificial narrative. Attention economy is synonymous for the battlefield of the mind, the spoils of which is ones time and energy.

Who Are The Real Porn Pirates? Oooh Aaah.. ✊💦 - Do I have explicit "permission" to use this content? Do I even know the creators, owners or those depicted in it? Do I care about piracy and how it effects them and our creative rights? Will we ask..

Release expectations and practice patience...

It is not perfect for all ways, it can be perfect for now. This mantra I use whenever I struggle to swallow the contrasting pills. From the now we create, no other moment has greater power and so duality leaves us with a simple choice. What you gonna do now? Are you gonna make the most of your conscious awareness and focus on the better feeling thoughts.. or not? 🤔

New Ad Slogan: Steemit.. Where The Rich Get Richer! - davemccoy

Reality hits and sometimes it's bitter sweet, the medicine still works and the matrix still exists. Even the vastest oceans are contained. Even the waves crash and submit to their boundaries. May we all find a happy place to enjoy the view and the balance to surf these highs and lows.

"Let this be the clarity for anyone who thinks they own a piece of Steemit, Inc. They do not." - Ned

Round this fucker up man, readers already drifted off!

What happened to that short and sweet refined idea? It doesn't always have to be existential, even though it is. It can also about fun, digestible, small packets of perspective can't it? Some grounded delivery and consistency counts, though how many will have the stamina for this? Common-unity above all is what glues us together. Ok I'm sorry if I lost you. I just had a lot come up recently, it had to come out.

This after all how I found myself still in a fudding mess after three days or so of venting. The point is that the anger and disappointment I felt towards discovering @ned and co draining our investment is not really that. It is actually anger and disappointment at myself for putting so much expectation and attachment into something completely out of my hands.

Recognize the “struggle” as a perspective of the heart.
May we all find peace and grace navigating this part..

It's with this acceptance that I fall back. I am not that CEO, nor the technical visionary, trader, investor or even a developer. I'm simply another optimistic creator looking for a way.. and truth is, every way is a way.

I and I master one conscious dominion.

I am here, humbled and knowing.

I am in service to the whole.

I am doing my best.

I am appreciative.

I am more aware.

I am that I am.

Wholeness is Balance


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