Waves Released a New Decentralized Exchange Version!

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Waves is an old project i even joined their ICO long ago and just lately they upgraded their DEX.

For people unaware Waves is a platform where you can create own tokens, ICOs and trade in decentralized manner.
In addition to Waves tokens, thousands of other kinds of tokens have also been released on the platform, many of which have gone through an ICO and have huge potential. They support fiat money ($, €) as well as cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, ethereum classic, and more. The list is constantly expanding. All trough their multiple-currency wallet.

To use Waves you can try their online platform or download app for your prefered system from https://wavesplatform.com

Let me go step by step by some functions of it on a short video below.

So the stuff we find there is:

  • Multiwallet with options of sending invoices, using CC, Wire and a lot of cryptocurrencies with Waves and its own tokens on top.
  • DEX with many pairs and very nice design
  • Portfolio view with prices and % changes
  • Easy way of creating tokens on Waves platform. I think they have the easiest and fastest system right now on the market.
  • Lease your WAVES and make passive income, also a nice addon.

I would say this is a great solution with ease of use and new DEX and wallet looks are superb.


Nice to see their very own DEX makes better volumes than huge exchanges like Binance or Bittrex!

DEX Volumes

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that's a great news for waves community

decent news

@kurosawa i think it will beat ethereum ...what do you think??

WAVES is great but I hope it takes off again soon!

Waves is my preferred Dex where i put my company coins, the only pity is this bear market, but they have really strong working team above the project...

Hey man! Sorry for not dropping by. Been a weird last couple of weeks for me.

In any case.............. I haven't had the opportunity to explore this or even ever buy Waves before. But Dex are kind of a personal interest of mine. So I'll check this out. Thanks for the share!

Just checked the video. They have a fiat gateway, that's great news man!

waves is a cool project, been here for quite a while. hopefully they're chugging along fine.

great addition to waves family

if the volume numbers are real lol

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Do they support steem tokens

Waves is so easy to use they just need to get rid of all the junk tokens

it's super easy to list tokens on waves, hence so many junk tokens. they can easily be ignored though.

You can hide any token in your portfolio moving it to a spam section. They seem to have implemented a spam filter of some sort in the past few weeks as well. A few of the scam tokens I received went directly to my spam folder instead of clogging my portfolio. If you really want to get rid of them the ability to burn tokens in your possession was added with this update. There is a small fee (.001 Waves IIRC) so I just left them all in the spam folder, but the option is there if you want it.

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Yes, that is a good bitcoin wallet and exchange in which we can also trade more crypto currency
Yes, this is a good crypto currency exchange wallet. More recently, many AirDrop Coins has supported this wallet.

Nice update. Waves still has potential.

pivx too in the dex?

Good information

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Sir your post is very nice
Sir your post is heart teaching
Please I request you please apvot and comments my post. Thanks brother

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This type of information is useful for us who are growing up with this community.

Nice improvement on waves but how to lease waves coin and earn passive income from it?????

We invite all HODLERs to lease their Waves to us.
Briefly on the conditions:

100% of the fees for mining go into payments;

🎁 In addition to Waves and MRT we distribute a partner's tokens equal $150. Sell it o HODL - you decide!

We have more than 80 000 Waves in the pool and we are keep growing up. Join today and get your WAVES, MRT (if someone will start to distribute them, huh?) and expensive liquid partner's tokens!


Nice info update

good news for its community and also developers trust rate.

i have earn some few coin from airdrops which i got received in my wave wallet all of them are worthless , and UI of wave wallet is very bad can't get proper info about coin what we received in the wallet : (

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

우왓~! 신기한 플렛폼이네요~!

nice platform !

thanks 4 your information :)

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Its great news for the crypto community to see progress in an old project.

Waves coin is good coin, when it comes to decentralized exchange, we are not aware about the success, let see how much success do we get in this.But yes waves will grow if community is strong and innovative

finally they relised that decentrallization is te future of cryptocurency

I've had waves for a while. I didn't actually know they have an exchange. Thank you for sharing.

Well, finally at least some results of the Waves team.

Thanks for sharing this importan information, maybe new at least for me, sure I will try in the inmediate future. Upvoted and followed

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Sasha is hard at work :D

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I will try it!

I like the UI of the exchange but i think they need to add more pairs to it. The DEX doesn't even have STEEM. The spread there isn't the best too.

Thx for this info 👍

Hi, Kingscrown it's better then previous version

WAVES is a great platform. Indeed, cryptocurrencies are on the path to overtake fiat money, so it's interesting to see platforms supporting both crypto and fiat money. Here it is worth mentioning our own platform Blockbasis, where users can send and receive cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH and LTC easily via email. No more private or public keys, just good old email!!

Waves Good Platform Good Project Great Successes !!!

Trying this now, thanks. Resteemed, following.

I signed up for waves awhile ago and completely forgot about it until(coincidentally) earlier today when I was looking through my passcode book. I kind of shrugged it off when I saw it earlier but now I'll definitely have to go check it out. Thanks!

@kingscrown Thanx for giving this valuable information.
I not aware of it.

to the moon. hahah

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