Steem Averaging + 1,000,000 Tx per day (@ 0.09% Capacity)

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Steem - The Biggest and Fastest Blockchain Around

The big word of 2018 will be utility. Within the cryptocurrency sector, coins can be measured according to hundreds of metrics but ultimately, one of the most compelling will surely be the number of blockchain transactions a single coin can handle. Presently (and consistently) Steem has been at the top of this list without breaking a sweat.

1,000,000 Transactions per day (0.09% Capacity)

Steem is a DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) blockchain, and rewards miners differently than Ethereum or Bitcoin. Producing blocks is less costly and has far less of a environmental footprint (another big topic for 2018)...

Witnesses (instead of miners) are assigned to produce a new block every three seconds. The witnesses are paid a small fee per block they produce out of the low (roughly 9%, and decreasing every 250,000 blocks) yearly emission of new STEEM tokens that are generated. Because the witnesses are 100% compensated through the new tokens created through token emission, no fees need to be charged to the end users for individual transactions. (Source, here.)

Looking at this list, and reflecting back on recent events - Crypto needs a player in the top 10 that can handle the heat of the spotlight. These stats are extremely and increasingly compelling!

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thank you :) good job

Man steem is blowing cryptos out the water, Thanks for sharing this with us. Maybe one day we will see steem kitties...