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RE: Kyber (KNC) Target 92,261 Satoshi (169% Profit Potential)

in #blockchain4 years ago (edited)

Guys ! the coin being analyzed is KNC which is Kyber Network traded in Binance --look at the img for reference ... KCN (Kencoin) is nowhere to be found ... thnks as always @haejin but please fix typo ;)

edit - @haejin fixed post ... my comment is irrelevant now xD


Its Kyber Network no?


People need to actually read Haejin's excellent posts and do a bit of research themselves instead of blindly looking for dollar charts and inputting a coin or name into their exchange. Also to those of you new to this wonderful world of crypto opportunities look under coinmarketcap to check which exchanges (Markets) trade in each coin or token. To your wealth!

If u check the charts for for knc kyber you can see clearly what he meant though kencoin was apparently tagged by mistake