Blockchain in Farming, Hospitality and Gambling industries

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What began as the foundation of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, blockchain technology — basically a decentralized ledger capable of storing and verifying a vast number of digital transactions — now extends through a range of industries.
Blockchain software has gone well beyond its banking and blockchain beginnings: according to IDC, companies are projected to invest $2.9B on technology in 2019, up nearly 90 percent from 2018. Industries continue to see blockchain implementations, from insurance to gaming to cannabis.
The success of Bitcoin helped to show the application of blockchain in finance, but entrepreneurs have come to believe that blockchain might change several more industries. Ultimately, the use cases for a clear, verifiable transaction data register are virtually endless— especially because blockchain operates through a decentralized network that needs no central control, rendering it fraud resistant.
Blockchain tech provides many benefits for all sectors of the market. This is no different from the hospitality industry. The platform operates on a decentralized network. Which makes the handling of financial transactions as well as actual payments very effective. The high degree of network accessibility significantly enhances the business confidence factor. This system is also ideal for the handling of users ' personal information. This is yet another of the advantages of the blockchain network, which can improve the hospitality industry. For potential research, additional details about user feedback may also be integrated into the network.
It's true blockchain technology is in its infancy at the moment. But hotels and restaurants are working hard to implement this technology, along with travel agents, airline companies and tourism agents. The technology can also support the industry's stakeholders.
In recent years the agricultural industry has revolutionized but still faces several handles. The supply chain was confronted with the inefficient, fragmented and non-transparent network of systems, records, actors and items. Blockchain will play a significant role in technology supply chain intelligence which facilitates easy product knowledge traceability. African must accept what this technology has brought to eradicate the dreaded scourge of poverty.
If we speak about the advantages of blockchain in the gambling industry, then Thesaurum is the best solution ever developed in this niche.
Thesaurum is a game reward platform that digitizes, tokenizes, and offers a range of assets, like gold mines in Ghana.Many game prizes are allocated in some way, using smart contracts, to all game players from the pool of funds.As a result, Thesaurum provides a platform where users play in different games and use Blockchain technology to win high-priced products from around the world in a fair and safe way.

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