How investing in Thesaurum you simply cannot lose

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Thesaurum is a project that has taken a very unorthodox approach to improving Ghana's gold mining efficiency by using the blockchain technology.

How? By attracting investors and gamers around the world, engage them online through various games and activities and then circulate the money back to the gold mining and distribute dividends at the end of the cycle.
Thesaurum is the unique project that offers a win-win strategy for both parties: on the one hand, it offers a stable gaming platform where each participant will be a winner, and on the other hand, the platform helps tokenize and improve Ghana's gold mining, which in turn will grow the platform itself and make the company sustainable and profitable.
Thesaurum's main feature is making mining investments easy and lucrative through simple games. Thus winners of the games receive more than 1000 times the bonus and the initial bet – like everywhere in the gambling industry. Now, a loser of the online gaming is not really a loser inThesaurum, since they earn back more than 10 percent on their initial funds due to the gold mining aspect of Thesaurum’s platform.
The project's novelty has drawn investors from around the world, with more than 500 professional investors already registered on the platform. The total investment on the project has reached 1 million US dollars thus far up until the second day of it’s IEO and is projected to exceed 5 million in May 2020, with more than 1,000 investors on board.

Because despite the coronavirus situation and the economic instability globally, gold is always a stable and secure choice. And Thesaurum knows gold.
Regarding the TSM tokens, they are issued only after analyzing the reserves in the gold mining field. Thesaurum platform offers access to games with the use of Thesaurum Tokens. The winners of the game get high prizes paid either on TSM tokens or on fiat money while the losers of the games still get dividends and tokens back. The platform uses smart contracts to ensure the gaming is fair, secure and safe.
It is the first ever investment-type gaming platform.
It’s a platform that will allow the potential investors to play minigames and bet on any of these games using TSM, ETH or BTC. In order to make bets in BTC Investors will need to convert BTC to BTC as it is a 1:1 backed token with BTC in the Ethereum network. Within the wallet, there will have a list of all the available minigames.
When an investor picks the game they want to play and bids for interest allocation, they then switch to the web page of the respective game. After the completion of each game, one winner gets the high price as proclaimed at the beginning of the game, while the loser gets a low interest “cashback”.
That's why this platform is great for gambling and betting. Because when investing in Thesaurum, nobody really loses!


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