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RE: Huge XR Token Discount for Steemians with 1 STEEM = $1.50 worth XR with STEEM / BTC / ETH

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That means it is going to be an ERC-20 tokens. What I can read from here is that the project really sounds promising.

The other thing is that, we can get 1.5 usd worth XR token per steem. That is really a lucrative offer to consider.

What if, someone directly buys with ETH ? Will you give 1.5usd worth XR for 0.35 usd worth ETH ?

The point is that if someone does not have steem and has ETH, then he has to convert that ETH to STEEM first and in the process it may cost some amount of exchange fees. So in my opinion enrolling a steem user with other mode of payment consideration will be a nice idea, in the memo one can send you the transaction hash.


Good Idea, we want to limit this offer only for Steemians and dont want to over complicate this. But we will take your suggestion until May 20th. So if you buy with ETH and then send memo with email and transaction hash, we will apply same offer on ETH purchase.

We have just added a direct ETH transfer method after this feedback! Thanks for the idea. We will add some additional STEEM for you as an 'idea bounty' when you purchase! :)

-Send ETH to 0x04BB82Cf1A19dD7C7373BCF00c8C2a5086Bea870

Thank you so much for adding this option and I think it can ease off the job for many steemians :)

Thanks, let us know after you have made the ETH transfer

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