How The Blockchain Technology Can Help in Bringing the Transparency in Functioning of Democratic States?

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As most of the people know about blockchain. The Blockchain is the biggest invention of the World of the internet. That helps us to make things transparent and secure from tampering the information. Before the invention of the blockchain, someone used to in control of your data who was responsible for that what he wanted to keep and what he did not want to keep. what he wanted to show you, what he didn't want to show you. He could sell, steal, corrupt, and delete your data but once you gave your information you were completely out of control. So you can not do anything in this regard if someone has taken control on your information.


This is the point where The Blockchain comes handy Because The blockchain is based on a decentralized system where no one is in control everyone in the community is in control it means you are in control of your own data. It means you decide what you want to see and what you want to share with others. There are few disadvantages once you have entered the data on blockchain it becomes hard to remove from the ledger so you must think before sharing something on the blockchain. The second disadvantage is everything is publically visible.

Actually these Disadvantages are real advantages of Blockchain that makes it real blessing

  1. Once you have Entered the information, no one can temper the information, if someone tries to temper the information then there will be no more complete blockchain. so it can be said easily that data is not true.
  2. Transparency is the blessing that everyone wants everywhere and the blockchain provide us this too. On the blockchain, every transaction of data is visible publicly.

Application in the Democratic States:

1) Elections:

In democratic States, governments are selected over elections. In most of the Countries, it is done by Ballet paper voting or Electronic voting machines. So there are some chances of getting the data tempered in these systems and it is happening everywhere in the world. That can harm the country as much as it can divide the countries into two or as minor as the fight between the two individuals.
So what if use the Blockchain for the election systems for transparency and efficiency. Then no one can claim that something wrong happened in the election, Everything will be fair and clear because if someone tries to temper the data Blockchain will break. so data cannot be tempered on the blockchain. The results will be easy to get Just a matter of few seconds by just writing a query according to the requirement. Simply Blockchain can change the concept of voting in terms of transparency and efficiency.


2) Transparency In The Economy

Corruption is the evil in the Democratic states. corruption is everywhere even it is the developed country or the developing country. But people are not aware of anything where their tax money is being spent. So anything can be done without getting know the public. But if every democratic state brings, its economy over the blockchain every transaction will be noted and publicly visible and people will know where their money is being spent. So the corruption can be unrooted form the democratic states. Where it is the biggest evil.


3) Other

There can be 100s of Applications in the Governments where transparency and security are required. For Example, the military can use its own private blockchain where they can share their private information. And other departments of the governments can use the blockchain to share the information in which people are interested the most for the transparency.


I Just defined some Applications of blockchain for the transparency and security. I know these applications must have some flaws and disadvantages and many countries has to make amendment in their laws and it will be very hard to bring these applications in reality because it will be opposed everywhere in the corrupt society. There is the vast application of The blockchain technology apart from transferring money. We can use it everywhere in the life. So that is why the blockchain in a blessing for us.

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This proposal would be very beneficial for the countries of the world and especially for Venezuela, today's day of May 20 is in an electro process to elect its president for the next 6 years, the Blockchain technology would be very good if it is applied in our system electoral, due to the fact that although it is a system that is presented as armored, it is very questioned by the opposition for not having transparency and efficiency at the time of counting. God allows the Simply Blockchain to be applied to change the concept of voting in terms of transparency and efficiency.