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Hello everyone, the warmest of welcome to you all, as you start this sensational
journey inside the revealing of this noble project, what it entails, advantages and
services offered.
BlockAIp could be a decentralised social network and media platform running on the blockchain, that works unitedly with AI and is supported by cryptocurrencies.


Decentralized social networking web site with associate degree encrypted messenger;
Media Center - while not editor and punctually paid content;
Free cryptocurrency wallets and p2p sharing service;
personal loan service.
At the instant, BlockAIp Blockchain is eighty,000 transactions per second, many ample users and petabytes of memory whereas maintaining security, protective against double disbursement and decentralization. this suggests that each one knowledge keep on our blockchain is extremely safe because of the cryptography inherent in its classification system, compared to WhatsApp or FB traveler, wherever the operator stores the information of all the chains, as well as pictures, videos and files. Moreover, nobody will block a user account because of the decentralised nature of the platform.

The platform is fighting major issues, like lack of transparency and confidentiality, and thus it might be illogical to remain with one amongst the normal services even currently.

Our goals

Create the most effective product for trade and folks in it;
Provide users with a decentralised social network and media platform with a extremely encrypted messenger;
BlockAip can pay for high-quality content;
Create convenient and secure multiple wallets with cryptocurrency;
To create associate degree exchange service that may change the conversion of a cryptocurrency to rescript inside many seconds;
Provide a private loan of up to $ twenty five,000 for every “bona fide” user;
To create a platform for freedom of expression, access to info and privacy ar elementary human rights that has to be revered each on the net and in real world.

Platform edges

Social network web site . a straightforward easy interface through associate degree application for internet applications and smartphones. High-level privacy and knowledge security can permit users to own absolute management over their personal info that can't be passed on to 3rd parties or taken by hackers as a results of block.

Felix-Artificial Intelligence. Felix may be your personal assistant still as your succor. AI will listen, speak, support, suggest, create appointments, book hotels, tickets, etc.

Media Center. there's no editor, an answer that's appropriate for printing, is formed completely by the community.

Blockchain there's no centralized storage for any a part of user knowledge. All user knowledge is keep within the Blockchain (decentralized) compared to the WhatsApp from FB traveler, wherever the operator stores the information of all the chains, as well as pictures, videos and files.

A few wallets with cryptocurrencies. Convenient and secure wallets with cryptocurrencies for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin money, Monero and BAIP (BlockAIp Token).

Mobile app. Encrypted traveler. Pay on-line and offline for your bills or regular payments.

Personal loan. decentralised credit scheme. Users are going to be able to take a private loan in United States of America bucks, euros, British pounds sterling up to $ twenty five,000, secured by many assets of crypto-envelopes.

Exchange. P2P exchange for all crypto-conversions out there on the platform.

Details of the sale of tokens

BAIP is associate degree exclusive BlockAIp platform token supported the delegated proof rule (DPoS).

Token image - BAIP

The volume of issued tokens - one,000,000,000

Tokens available - 700 million

Hard Cap - thirty eight,000,000

Soft Cap - $ four,000,000

Token value - $ zero.06

Private sale can begin - Sept twenty five

The main sales section can begin on Oct one and can endways December twenty five.

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