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Recently electronic health records are centrally preserved and stored by medical institutions.
Medical privacy laws also have it that medical health records should be exclusively obtainable
by patients, giving healthcare providers primary stewardship of patients data. And this has posed a threat to the holistic understanding of patients medical status. And also diminishing patients quality care due to incessant and concurrent scattering of data across various institutions.

  • Today,there is rapid increase in the quest for medical data and so far there is no reliable quality data for research, medical and artificial intelligence.
  • Despite the large amount of data available and being produced,the availability of the actual and real data is limited. This boils down to the same problem of scattering of data among institutions which has made it uneasy for patience to be fully informed on their health status and data.

In August 2001, my father was diagnosed of intense high blood pressure and loss of memory after he had an intensive migraine and temporal lomotive paralyses while working at the office.
He studied fishery and was working with the states ministry of Agriculture as the assistant director of the fishery department.

  • Exactly one year later, he collapsed at the office and was confirmed dead ministry medical department minutes later.

Now the big question why.

  • Out of curiosity from my family, an autopsy was conducted and the result showed that he had taken an overdose of the drug Nitrezapam.
    This is because it was added to his drugs by the ministry Doctor Who wasn't disposed enough to get hold of the other prescription which was given to my father from the federal Medical Center.
  • He was ignorant of the drugs in his possession and also of his true medical data and therefore told the ministry Doctor that he was on vitamins and Folic acid prescriptions.

Importance of healthcare: food for thought

  • Healthcare is a fundamental part of our lives and currently healthcare data can't be shared across clinics.

My Dad's story is only a tip of the iceberg and many have died out of such double prescription ignorance, personal data ignorance and self medication which could be easily averted.

  • Now Think about your own experience and let's get down to the easiest solution right away.

  • Now the question: what is the easiest way to avoid this type of life threatening menace, How can you easily have your medical records handy, what impact can your personal data make on the medical field , of what use is it to research.

INTRODUCING MEDIBLOC :The solution to fundamental health issues.


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  • MediBlocoffers a healthcare data exchange platform/ecosystem, that will promote enteroparability and allow all entities,patients, practitioners, medical institutions to freely take part in exchange data.

MEDIBLOCis healthcare information platform built on blockchain technology.

Unlike the traditional medical data storage system,

Through MEDIBLOCyou can store, access, update, manage and effectively share,transact and give account of your own health data even among medical practitioners for treatment purposes, institutions and researchers for further innovations and get paid.

Medibloc site

Decentralized health care information system


  • I am happy to explore my knowledge into focusing your interest on this blockchain based technology platform for healthcare even as a medical student today.

  • Please just have it in mind that MEDIBLOC is like a health care wallet that you can carry all the time using either a #smart #phone, #mobile #tablets, #laptops or using any device that can store and transfer simple data.

  • With your health data handy, you can avert a lot of life threatening issues and ignorant drug administration to you by a medic.

  • With MEDIBLOC,you will have no more repeated test, incessant reuse of needles and double prescription and of course self medications will be a tale for posterity.

  • MEDIBLOC offers you insurance claims at an eye glance provided you made the request and with MEDIBLOC fraudulent activities of any kind could be curtailed medically.

Monetary Gain

At this point I will encourage you to smile
IMG_20180602_171440_034.JPG Just as the saying goes Smile is the most pleasing five letter word,I must say at this point that MEDIBLOC have come to bring smile on our faces such that even while we are able to access our medical data easily, we could still save cost.
Patience can also sell their health data to researchers and end up not spending much on their treatment as they could use money earned from this sales to get themselves treated by a doctor.

Better quality care and Accelerating Innovations in Research.


  • Researchers could get easy access to targeted data and information without much stress.
    Because we have an already existing accurate data, it serves as a template for further analysis thereby curtailing further errors which might arise through concurrent running of same analysis.



MediBloc will issue Medi token (MED) which is the cryptocurrency used on this platform to a competitive ecosystem.
users will be incentivized for their contribution on the MediBloc Platform. This will reward participants ranging from patients to healthcare providers with MED. MED can also be used to complete transactions for medical and pharmaceutical expenses, insurance premium etc, at institutions associatedwithMediBloc, so with this token listed we could still make online payments in a giffy.

MediBloc Guarantee And Partnerships


MediBlocPartners with a lot of health institutions and blockchain technologies to bring effectively solutions of our healthcare issues to our doorstep.
Below is a copious list of MediBloc partners.

meet the MediBloc Team.

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Summary And Conclusion

Medical privacy laws also have it that medical health records should be exclusively obtainable
by patients, giving healthcare providers primary stewardship of patients data.

  • Most of the recorded Incessant mortality is as a result of mismanagement patients healthcare status and data and unavailability of actual data for research on the a particular patient related issue. This has limited the progress of the development of the health sector worldwide, however this will be greatly curtailed with the involvement of the said patients in providing this data handy whenever they are called upon by either a medical practitioner,Research institution or medical institution.
    -This is the real essence of MEDIBLOC which has come to profer a great and long lasting solution to this menace using healthcare information blockchain technology platform.
    Greatly MEDIBLOC
    also provide ethereum based (ERC 20) tokens in the form of Medi coins with which patient, researchers and institutions can make easy online transactions with the respect to the available data.
    In addition MEDIBLOChave partnership with a lot of medical institutions and blockchain industries in order to create global awareness and full time authenticity and endorsement and this have brought immense success to the adoption of this healthcare wallet globally. Register with MEDIBLOC today because A Registeration with MEDIBLOC is a registration for health insurance, security,income and life

For further information and Resources about MediBloc feel free to visit Medibloc

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