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Bazooka is an ERC-20 protocol project deployed on the Ethereum network for the purpose of gaming. Bazooka provides different gaming experiences such as European football, American football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, tennis, and soccer. Game outcomes do not get declared by the Bazooka platform but draws from across different gaming platforms. For instance, playing the UEFA champions league game, the results of the game will be determined by either the live feed of the game from where it is being played or from other online sources where the game is being streamed live. Players can verify their wins on the Bazooka platform from the API or the website. Play every game on the Bazooka platform.

Difference between Bazooka and other Gaming Platforms

  1. The bazooka gaming platform is a blockchain-based game platform
  2. The platform has its own native token for payment purpose
  3. Winning/all played game is easily verified on the blockchain
  4. Bazooka eliminates the fear of foul play
  5. Bazooka offers betting services for lovers of bet
  6. Bazooka platform can be accessed by anyone anywhere around the globe.

Why choose Bazooka

1. Bazooka leverages on the blockchain open-source system
  1. Bazooka offers gaming and p2p betting services

  2. Bazooka pays for every game played on the platform instantly through Bazooka token

  3. You can access the platform from the comfort of your home

  4. As a gamer, you can develop and launch your own game on the Bazooka platform

  5. Bazooka targets a multi-billion-dollar market at its infancy which shows there is profit to be made being an early adopter of the Bazooka platform.

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