Recyclefor life project

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RFL is an ERC-20 protocol project deployed on the Ethereum network for e-waste. RFL provides different recycling services. This is a project which has the capability to turn the world around for a better living

Difference between RFL and other conventional Platforms

  1. The RFL platform is a blockchain-based eWaste platform which makes it decentralized and accessible by anyone anywhere. No one has the control everyone have a space to use Recycleforlife
  2. The platform has its native token for payment purpose, the native currency is an ERC-20 token deployed on the eth network
  3. All payment is easily verified on the blockchain
  4. Recycleforlife eliminates the fear of foul play
  5. Recycleforlife uses smart contract to control the platform and ensures fairness to all
  6. Recycleforlife platform can be accessed by anyone anywhere around the globe thanks to the integration of blockchain technology

Why choose Recycleforlife

  1. Recycleforlife leverages on the blockchain open-source system

  2. Recycleforlife rewards everyone on the platform

  3. Recycleforlife pays for every eWaste recycled on the platform instantly through RFL token

  4. You can access the platform from the comfort of your home as it is decentralized

  5. As a recycler, you can develop and launch your own services on the Recycleforlife platform

  6. Recycleforlife targets a multi-billion-dollar market at its infancy which shows there is profit to be made being an early adopter of the Recycleforlife platform

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