4 Signs of Cryptocurrency Trading Addiction

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The independence or addiction is a highly common mental disorder that we are seeing in the hospitals. As a med student myself, it is safe to say I am pretty interested in these patients. Most of the time, we tend to overlook these sort of difficulties, but like almost all of the diseases, the early diagnosis is pretty important.

Just like any other drug, alcohol, cigarette, betting and etc. the addiction to the trading could also be pretty dangerous. Especially considering the cryptocurrency market is way more entertaining than the traditional stock exchanges, it is important to notice that people could easily suffer from this addiction.

Addiction is an important issue and it can easily affect our daily lives and routines. Today, I will try to explain you the 6 signs of cryptocurrency trading addiction. Remember, nothing is more important than you and your family and friends are always matter the most. Let's start...

1. Making More Trade Than İntended

This is a common mistake among the traders. When you open the charts, you are saying to yourself you are only making one or two moves. But if you find yourself hours later with making lots of trading than intended, this is an earlier sign that you have to consider.

2. Unable to Stop Yourself About Making, Thinking Trading

Let's say if you are away from home and have a fun with friends. If you are thinking heavily about the trading during that time, then we can say you might have a problem. If you couldn't stop thinking and making trading despite your attempts, you are probably going to develop an addiction.

3. Reduced Activities

If you are postponing the plans and meetups because of the trading issues, then you need to stop doing that. Almost all of the addiction cases, we see the cause of the addiction cause an activity drop, and cryptocurrency trading is no different.

4. Trouble at Work

If you can't stop yourself thinking or making about trading, this could well affect your work life as well as your daily routines. Despite given a warning, most of the people unable to stop what they are doing and this might have resulted of becoming unemployed if you are not careful enough.


Addiction is an important issue. As soon as you notice some of these symptoms, you should just consider your doctor about what to do. As I've said before, people tend to overlook these symptoms but if it's left untreated, your life could be much more stressful than before. The early diagnosis and relevant therapies could help the patient to cure. By the way, never underestimate your mental issues, they are perhaps the most important of all.

Thanks for reading. If you have questions about addiction and any other mental health issues, you can feel free to contact me.

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Good job nihattemre .

Good job combining addiction with cryptocurrencies. It's important to know the signs before its too late.

Diseases evolves with technology unfortunately. First game addictions, then social media, now cryptocurrencies. Lets hope we can use technology to diagnose those diseases early.