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Combining much of our crypto class in this book now allows us to simplify our Steemjet course into 3 packages instead of the planned 4.

The 3 lesson plans are based on the 3 costs that humans experience.

time cost - What used to be Lesson 4 (what can crypto do for me) - Crypto apps must be able to save people time and money by helping them become more efficient in their day to day survial activity/job.

money cost - Crypto apps in the future will all be nearly free, and therefore dificult to ever eliminate completely

environmental cost (covered by the book Olivia and the Superstar) - If you live in a bad environment, you must deal with hunger, mean people, dangerous wildlife, bad weather, and a number of other immediate physical dangers to your survival

Now that we have isolated the environmental cost aspect from the time and money cost aspect, we might be able to combine the time and money discussion into 1 lesson due to the fact that "cost and utility" are apparent and integral to the success of all crypto.

A Fundamental Analysis of the Blockchain Business"

Money costs (previously Lesson 3)(free currencies with positive mining incentives like STEEM are nearly impossible to kill and therefore might last as long as BTC)

Opportunity costs (TIME) previously Lesson 4 (what else can I do with it?)(time is money and therefore must choose wisely how to invest it)(early adopters will even pay to use coins that provide them a service that maximizes their time and money in their day to day use (over time).

Environmental costs (previously lessons 1 and 2)(hurt our family and friends, therefore, since we want live and party, we must choose BTC over GOLD when we are young, broke, and still have a choice what to choose as our agreed upon value storage device to invest our time into over the course of our lives). This lesson is the easiest to learn if you care about water pollution. And who does not care about water pollution.


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