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RE: 360 STEEM + 40 Bonuses ~ Sponsored Writing Contest: Chimaera

in #blockchain3 years ago

Due to a slight overlap with the end of my epic blockchain project and family visits, it is with yet another big sigh that I announce I may not be able to enter this week's contest. arghhh

2 in a row ! that's officially a record. I will try and find some time to enter between now and the deadline ! In the meantime, enjoy


I hope you find that time, you always make good publications, since the first time I participated in this contest I haven't lost any participation, and I'm terrified at the thought of not participating. But I've seen how this contest has grown (I deduce from the significant increases in reward and because there are always sponsors), and I think it will continue to grow. There are still a lot of good contests ahead of us. And well, those of us who sigh are the competition because you're really good at writing, even so, like I said, I hope you can find the time to make a good publication. Greetings!

thanks @jesusjacr. very kind. sometimes life takes over for a bit ! I entered 26 weeks in a row and really lookd forward to contributing. the competition is fierce and the available information (and personal relevance of a project) can really make a difference to how an article turns out. Best of Luck and see you back in the mix soon

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I was wondering what happened to you. I missed one too. Hopefully, you will be back soon.

Hi @nicholas83. yeah, it's tough not having the time to contribute but it's sometime good to have a break too. I'm up to my ears in blockchain at the moment so I'll hopefully get back when I've put the finishing touches. Best of Luck :)

I almost thought I wouldn't be able to submit today. I had an assessment test I had to prepare for today and i just finish it. Managed to scribble something down though, I hope I did well.

We can't wait to have you back @Outerground

I will try and find some time to enter between now and the deadline ! In the meantime, enjoy

Please do sir!

I'm glad you're managing to represent in the contest. I've just had my hands full for weeks on end. I'll have a read of your entry when I get through this epic pile of paperwork in front of me. It's all for a good cause !

Thanks sir.
I'll like to see all what you're working on now.