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Crypto-World has been expanding across the era of offline currencies. This market has been constantly growing with advancements every second. With every newly born cryptocurrency comes a new perspective and concept. Yet each one of these hold its own unique features which provides a path for making a difference in the crypto-sphere. AIAScoin has come up with a solution for payment processing industry by revolutionizing the structure and mechanism on which it stands. It is a P2P blockchain network which ensures speed, privacy and security in all measures of transactions. AIAScoin is based on XEVAN algorithm. With an impressive block time of 180 seconds, the coin performs almost 127tx per second. 25,000,000 AIAScoins exist till date out of which 2,500,000 have been Premine.

Easy use and set up of API makes the users comfortable, mostly the merchants. These merchants can register and link accounts to accept the payments. Alongside merchants, its payment processor benefits buyers as well. The need of being a tech-professional fades with the introduction of this payment processor. Investing in heavy machinery to mine the currency also comes down due to low cost of transactions is charged based on PoS confirmation. Softwares for the same are supported by Linux, MacOs and windows which provides users a chance to work across variety of platforms. In case of cell phones, iOS and Android support the functionality as well. As the transaction processes are concerned, no hurdles or additional conformations are experienced while submitting payments. Blockchain is famous for its transparency which is one of the basic principles to AIAScoin. Verification of transactions is made on each step to prevent any thefts or frauds. 

The platform is not owned by a firm, yet it stands in hands of a specific community to ensure the smooth experience with safety measures. Another featured offered by the platform includes ZeroCoin which has abilities to convert a coin to zCoins which appear to be normal coins once spent. One of the most striking aspects to the platform includes masternodes. This mechanism is responsible for handling creation of instant and private transactions with voting systems organizing alongside. Running these masternodes is not easy. It requires a 24/7 network connection with a dedicated IP address. A minimum of 1,000 AIAScoins are needed to access masternodes. As per system requirements, a VPS is required to be running on Linux platform. 

Company sales distribution gives a big part to development which consists of almost 30%. Software management and wallet are some of the major concerns in the development sector of the platform. Advertising and partnerships carry 15% each and play major role in growth and expansion. Operational cost, bounty program, research and reserve take another 10% each. Most of the tasks like sustaining, debugging and discovering are part of these sectors. AIAScoin has been successful in creating a long term goals for a better crypto-experience and online services. The platform provides major features like ZeroCoin, Masternodes and SwiftX to enrich the user experience alongside merchants and buyers. Such wonderful technologies are going to help in emergence of a better digital world.

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@pkalra i just read your blog on AiAS coin. This is a great project for people that are looking to start running nodes that are not starting at 25,000$ like most do.
AIAS nodes are very affordable and easy to install

The payment processing system will do better with AIAScoin masternode network.Great job team.

Interesting project and interesting review! Thanks @pkalra

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