BBOD! Analysis of the key competitive advantages (Zero-Fee trading, Non-custodial solution, Leveraged altcoins)

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Analysis of the key competitive advantages (Zero-Fee trading, Non-custodial solution, Leveraged altcoins)


Blockchain technology has enhanced many areas of human existence the financial sector not left behind. Leverages, margins can all be traded by individuals as well as institutions at large. Blockchain technology gave birth to numerous projects which brought about cryptocurrency. This was actualized by the integration of blockchain technology to the functioning of various projects being fuelled by cryptocurrency in each project's native token. These cryptocurrencies are traded on exchanges which were also made possible by blockchain technology. Some of these exchanges are solely for cryptocurrency trading against various stable pairs as BTC, ETH, USD, TUSD, and exchange tokens. Some of these cryptocurrency exchanges are derivatives exchange such as BitMex and Huobi.


BitMex prides itself higher than any other derivative exchange due to the amount of futures and liquidity it offers which not only includes Bitcoin but some other few selected altcoins as well. Despite these features, these exchanges face common challenges of security and the cost of transactions. There is a transaction fee that is incurred by traders when using any exchange be it a Decentralized or Centralised exchange, a given percentage is deducted from your trade account to take care of the fees for processing your buy or sell order. This charge varies exchange to exchange it is not constant or uniform across these exchanges. These are some of the solutions BBOD wants to bring to the derivatives exchange. BBOD is a derivatives exchange that is life with activities of trades of various tokens. This exchange carefully looked at the recent problems and vulnerabilities faced in present exchanges, it decided to find solutions to it. BBOD uses measures such as privacy protection and zero-fee to solve these problems.

Using BBOD, a trader needs to connect their ERC-20 wallet to the BBOD exchange from whence trades are made. This gives the user total and full control of their funds which is not obtainable in other exchanges. This gives BBOD an edge above other existing derivative exchanges. Contracts will be used to hold users’ funds unlike what is obtainable in the present exchange. This will be a smart contract in which every trader will enter with the exchange. BBOD integrates non-custodial solution which makes it possible for users to have control of their funds. The major difference between BBOD and other exchanges both those offering leverage and margin trades and those not offering is the ability of blockchain board of directives to give funds control to users. This is not obtainable in other exchanges because there is always a central server where every user's details and funds are stored. Blockchain Board of directives offers leverages, margin trades and also funds control to users.

Trading on Blockchain board of directives exchange comes at a zero fee. This means all your trades are done without any extra cost. This is a revolutionary approach for traders to trade without paying any charge. BBOD offers leverage trading both on altcoins and bitcoin respectively.


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