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Today I want to talk about Gaimin project and how it impacts our society for a more effective living for all.

The world as we know it is gradually advancing to a more complex technology clime. With the consistent advancement in technology in a quest to make life more enhanced, numerous problems are created along the line. Now you might be wondering what problems are these. One of the identified problems which have brought about the Gaimin project is the need for computer processing power. Another question is why the need for more processing power? The world is making a shift from human capital to an enhanced Artificial Intelligence option. Today we have virtual and augmented reality games as well as the internet of things. All these technologies are being powered by supercomputing technology which requires high processing powers to run. With all these, the available processing power is not enough to power the technologies. This is where Gaimin project comes in.


What is Gaimin?

Gaimin is a blockchain-powered project that is aimed at providing more computing power to those who have the need for it. Gaimin is revolutionizing the world as the problem is a global one. The sole aim of the project is to make available as much processing power as possible drawing from the gaming industry. The gaming industry uses more computing power as other technology communities out there likewise big data computing and storage firms. Gaimin leverages on the nature of this community to draw from their resources and make provision for everyone who has the need for computing powers. Gaimin proposes that gamers allow their unused processing power when they are not gaming to be harnessed by Gaimin and made available to others.

Gaimin will achieve this by creating incentives that will entice gamers to take part in the process. People always look for what is there for them in any opportunity presented, Gaimin has come to terms with this reality by making provisions for incentives as a reward mechanism to the gamers involved. Every gamer will install the software because that is the only way to be part of the Gaimin ecosystem. By installing this software, Gaimin will be able to draw power from gamer's computers when they are not gaming. Also, remember that your computer as a gamer has to be connected to the internet for this process to work. Incentives will be paid in the Gaimin currency, a token developed to power the ecosystem. If you are a gamer, you can be part of this platform. This will be a win for all because everyone involved will benefit from the project. I advise you every gamer or anyone who has an idle computer sitting in their homes to join the Gaimin project and benefit from the provisions being made.


The platform is one that solves a real-life problem, it also makes provisions for incentivization of its active users which is targeted at the gamers. Processing power is at a very high demand given the direction the world is going. In the very long run, this is a project that is worth our investment and participation. I think anyone with a high GPU computer who is constantly connected to the internet should key into this platform to get incentives.

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