Solving the Adult entertainment industry problem: RACHELX, SEX EDUCATION GUIDE

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The world around us today is filled with video guides and clips, slides and so on. Despite the peer pressure in the society yet there is no educational guide teaching people how to stay safe while enjoying erotic senses. Sex education enlightens both the young and old on the workings of sex, it helps everyone to stay safe during and after sex. Due to the sensitive nature of sex and how the erotic industries such as porn hubs, are being perceived in the society, there is no readily available videos or information creating awareness of safe sex to all. Sex education allows people to open up and discuss vital issues which are predominant in the area. People can be educated and know how best they can enjoy and handle themselves.

RachelX building up the erotic industry on the blockchain, enables decentralization and removes the possibility of the track of sex activities per individual. RachelX provides not just an easy way at sex, it provides sex education to all. For instance in this video, here/ RachelX video host explained how individuals most especially the young and non-experienced can see and identify at-risk behaviors to avoid them/stay safe from it.

RachelX not only provides the opportunity for everyone to enjoy the erotic industry, it as well provides an education which is expository into the world of pleasure and staying safe mechanisms. Blockchain technology will make available these videos, sex education video content available to all lovers of the erotic industry. There will be a massive spread of knowledge of protection and new dimensions of pleasure through RachelX platform. Enjoy the erotic industry with RachelX project, get sex education, learn how to avoid risky behaviors and stay safe and sexually clean from STDs and other communicable diseases as a result of lack of sex education.


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