Alliance between Andhra Pradesh Government and Shivom for Blockchain Technology

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Read more about @ProjectShivom and Andhra Pradesh Govt's alliance @analyticsinme .The partnership will enable use of the predictive power of the genetic data to empower the Andhra Pradesh healthcare system to shift from reactive to more preventative.
“Our partnership with Shivom explores the possibilities of providing an efficient way of diagnostic services to patients of Andhra Pradesh by maintaining the privacy of the individual data through blockchain technologies,” said J A Chowdary, IT Advisor to Chief Minister, Government of Andhra Pradesh.

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great project great team.İ love Shivom.big project

This project will make the investor very happy! Great project Shivom

Thanks for your support.

Ah it's great to know that you will be partnering with the AP government on the initiative. Will look forward to keep track of how this progresses