Project Shivom Pre Sale is now Live

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Shivom’s presale is now live and will be ending on April 22nd, 2018. There are many advantages of signing up for the presale event as it ensures smooth purchases in the crowdsale event, discounts, and other benefits. So in case you haven’t registered for our presale event, visit our tokensale dashboard and sign up now


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Thanks for the heads-up on Shivom Sale.

Thanks for your interest.To participate, Please register at:

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Thanks for your interest. Our pre-sale is going on. Kindly register at to get the extra benefits

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Finally the day has arrived! Good luck to the team and happy investing
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What is you are a citizen of another country, but currently reside in the US, would I be barred from participation?

Hey, apologies for the delayed response.Yes, you can surely participate in our pre-sale if you are a citizen of other country. Only US citizens are not allowed. To participate, Please register at:

A unique and empowering Project, Shivom will enable DNA data donors to collaborate with revolutionary changemakers in biotechnology, healthcare industry, and government-ordained research institutes and contribute to an unprecedented era of medical marvels.

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Shivom with its unique use of blockchain technology is well on its way to revolutionize the storage and analysis of DNA data and empoy it for guiding and improving precision medicine and biotechnology R&D.

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Where is this project based out of? Which nation?

The project's headquarters are in Isle of Man. Whereas, the team is diversified in various countries.