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In about a decade since the creation of blockchain, an innovative technological breakthrough, its relevance cannot be swept under the carpet or glossed over. It has been a revelation, game changer and a major stride in modern technology. Blockchain is a technological creation, which for the first in tech-world, presents cryptographic secured database for transactions which does exhibit elements of failure and security glitches common with traditional databases.
As the world evolves, so does technology, evolving into utility computing, blockchain has the capabilities to listed amongst primary enterprise platforms where systems and ecosystems can be built on, hereby creating massive platform or opportunity for people to create innovative products and services, by taking advantage of the value I more open and trusted ecosystem. Blockchain, though, yet to gain prominence and its expertise level still at a developing stage, the role it plays is very laudable and promising.
Apparently what it has in stock are enormous, as there are rays of hope and glaring signs of acceptability in the IT space. It is in no doubt that Blockchain supplies great innovations and security, transparent and trusted ways for teeming witty developers and companies to be up to speed with the values in a more robust and reliant future distributed ecosystem.

Blockchain has for the first time since it's inception created a decentralized architecture of the internet, whereby issues bothering on trust, data integrity and governance over a network can be attained, sustained, secured and made efficient without any mediating body. System enabled by blockchain has a primary function, which is: to allow a single universal, completely trustworthy and an indestructible ledger of digital assets and all transactions associated with it.

Blockchain provides better services and yield results than tools obtainable in this present day. Like the invention of a functional decentralized record of cryptographically encoded transaction (distributed ledger). This paves way for the traditional master database to take the place of central of failure and other related security issues.
Blockchain technology is here to stay, it is the next big thing tech-wise as it provide and proffers numerous services and solutions as its innovation are being adopted by various industries, ranging from financial, manufacturing, insurance, healthcare etc. Despite the progress recorded by blockchain, there are challenges confronting it, because it is pretty difficult for enterprises who desire to align and make use of public and private blockchain environments. We shall be shedding more light on the various factors hampering colossal adoption of blockchain technology. They are:

When business lack full control of its IT infrastructure, they become skeptic and lots of concerns are raised as regards its operation. Every business crave for a maximum secured IT space for all its information not to be vulnerable to threat of any sort. This is one aspect that should be given priority so as to encourage organizations to massively and conclusively adopt blockchain technology.

Over the years, digital technologies have hugely been involved in the viability and transformation of many businesses of enterprises of all sizes. Technological evolution over the years from time to time, has been a complex task. It has involved constant test and implementation of layers different systems. The process of integrating a new disruptive technology like blockchain will definitely not be an easy task to execute. Reason being that there will be need for hiring a blockchain personnel, which might be quite expensive. Not forgetting the difficulty and risk involved in a new technological brand.

One of the obstacles faced with blockchain enterprise is the new and unfamiliar programming language it comes with. These programming languages are complex to work with eg. Solidity. Software developers are seemingly fixated on familiar tool chains like JavaScript, python etc. and are reluctant or not versatile enough to put to use the new programming languages. However, it will do lots of good if blockchain can be made to comprehend as this would create a leverage for developers to perform to their existing expertise.

Another factor restricting total adoption of blockchain by organization is that of scalability. Blockchain only has the capability for dealing with issues bothering on simple scalability. In the face of large-scale use, there will be need for IT system that can automatically meet the demand of the these large organization and provide the right services. As long as there are increase in user demand, there will be absolute need for IT technology to be abreast with the trend. With large organization demanding more effective solution from what blockchain proffers at the moment, it shows more need to be done by blockchain to compel massive adoption by enterprises.

Interloper ability amongst the numerous private and public blockchain protocol is paramount in making this amazing technology widely adopted. However, this is not happening as the implementation of blockchain of these enterprise are different and can communicate with other private and public network. Being unable to communicate is truly a constraining factor.

AERGO is the perfect picture of what the future projects in open source enterprise blockchain. It is the bridge and connectivity needed between public and private enterprise blockchain to put an end to the lingering obstacles and bring to limelight its unique services. AERGO also provide opportunities that enable IT architecture synergize with new and existing techniques for more efficient database system.
AERGO intends to leverage on COINSTACK existing platform which is primarily a supported enterprise product created by BLOCKO. The core elements that builds AERGO are:
This is an innovation that comes with new protocol made up of a global decentralized network of enterprise blockchains. These AERGO chains are made active by node provider which depth and basis is the AERGOSQL, a product of ingenuity, which will create advancement of smart contract that will in return propel and champion innovative business product and services. This will go a long way in tackling confronting blockchain.

It proposes to work with and connect secure dApps with AERGO chain. It also serves as the public interface. dApps created in are intended to be stored in two repositories: AERGO public and private repository, to be secured and have limited control (private repository) in the IT system. Also serves as an open source (public repository) like cloud computing.

This is a platform for various users of blockchain to integrate, since it is a one stop shop for software application, computing resources and other services which have been enhanced for AERGO chain.

In conclusion, AERGO represents the future of technology, it has proven its platform has all it takes for the integration of enterprises on blockchains. Making the platform a joy for every user.

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