Chimpion: A Blockchain that Empowers Merchant

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Bitcoin (BTC) has stirred a new phase and method in business since its introduction in 2009. There has been a conspicuous rise in the demand of cryptocurrency as a way of making payment, due to dominant effectiveness of e-commerce in recent times. The vacuum created has however been filled with a third-party application. Notwithstanding, this application has been on a stint of trial for a large percentage of business entities are yet to come to terms with crypto payment online due to an absence of specific crypto e-commerce infrastructure. Chimpion (CHIMP) offers merchant (business entities) cryptocurrency payment system which is not complex, yet having high intellectual and technological input with a custom e-commerce and settlement backend.
Merchants can now run an optimal and complete e-commerce business since the emergence of Chimpion, and make transactions with cryptocurrency online, having the choice to set the chosen coin as the base currency denomination. Chimpion provides business coherent connectivity to the digital world of commerce, as it has created a built-in incentive program and dedicated wallet. Chimpion merchant has the capability to upload products and listings, showcasing cryptocurrency as the base currency denomination having no extra plugins. Chimpion comes with an advanced Application Programming Interface (API) that makes sure cryptocurrency prices are updated in real-time exchange rates.

Concerns raised as a result of ongoing trade conflicts, unpredictable inflation, and unsteady interest rates, where e-commerce poses a deal of discomfort for merchants with international supply chains. Chimpion provides merchants income a flexible income stream, not minding if the deal is on fiat and crypto. Chimpion, most importantly envisions where it will create a viable space for business and consumers to flourish in the blockchain-enabled global economy. Having made process of selling with cryptocurrency very mild, Chimpion is making it for business to take vantage stance that will be beneficial, selling with cryptocurrency.

Crypto e-commerce also helps merchants avoid the hassles that are familiar with traditional e-commerce: high payment fees and delay. It is important to note, that Chimpion's whitepaper is not a traditional crypto whitepaper. Reason being that, Chimpion has no semblance of cryptocurrency projects of all sorts. As it is the custom of numerous crypto projects to go in search of funds to facilitate their platform, Chimpion's vast and efficient crypto e-commerce platform has overtime been created and put into use. Chimpion was created with reputable technology from shipping Cart Elite, Paytomat, Gemini and MoonCatcher. Chimpion is poised to revolutionize e-commerce to the fullest.

To this end, a vast amount of merchants in the United States have endorsed and adopted Chimpion's platform to accept cryptocurrency payment, including the likes of Mark Jeweler, Mahone's, Wallpaper Shop, NewParts, Rosetta Coffee, and so on.

Chimpion is derived from the word "Champion" which speaks of a "winner." It portrays how extraordinary its coin compared to current cryptocurrencies and organization's most essential assignment of championing the wild adoption of crypto e-commerce. Furthermore, the word "Champion" has a similarity of pronunciation in many of the widely-spoken language, thus making Chimpion, a name of the value to many cultures.

Chimpion has the chimpanzee has the mascot to represent it due to the animal's species link with various discoveries in the world of science e.g. the chimpanzee was one of the first to venture into space. In like manner, Chimpion is leading the way in technological trends, to birth a new season of a system of transacting businesses by propagating the adoption of cryptocurrency for e-commerce. Studies have shown the Chimpanzee to be more cerebral than other animals from time immemorial, which shows the gains of a blockchain-enabled economy.

Dual-Token Dynamic: Chimpion sufficiently enables her merchant window of business as well as e-commerce comity of business. In a bid to garner mass adoption, Chimpion made provisions of incentives for merchants. Also, the CHIMP will serve as the currency denomination in the Chimpion store that will make display its exclusive products, accompanied with gift cards from Chimpion directory of retailers and merchant who are of great significance.

Banana Token (BNANA): this is a laid foundation for giving rewards on the Chimpion platform. The BNANA is merited when buys when one buys from any of the Chimpion merchants with the use of the CHIMP or other cryptocurrency. The BNANA works the same way as a loyalty card which can be recovered or referenced to make professional offers, discount, and exclusive products.

Coin Specification: Chimpion is a host on EOS blockchain that makes use of Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS). DPoiS is a method invented by Dan Larimer, primarily to eradicate countless challenges witnessed in Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoW) system. While in the DPoS system, there is a creation of technological freedom and substantive representation by a group of block producers and staked users who are bound by a certain set of rules

The DPoS and PoS are of two different kinds of protocol. The PoS system creates a medium for wallets with coins to adequate be involved in the process of validating transactions and forming a consensus. When this happens, the more coin in your wallet, the more coin you will receive at the end. In the case of DPoS system, all the wallet containing coins can be used for voting representatives. The voted representative validates the transaction and for a consensus and they receive remuneration for their input of labor through the system. To this end,a pitfall of PoS is avoided, and there will be consolidation.

Blockchain: Chimpion's crypto e-commerce platform is controlled by a potent and special delegated proof-of-stake (dPoS) consensus. Chimpion's team have come up with a technique that makes the Proof-of-Store as Proof-of-Stake (poS as PoS) protocol, giving room for any Chimpion-powered merchant storefront to run as a master node on the CHIMP on the blockchain. The Chimpion blockchain will originally startup as EOS smart contract but will however migrate to own chain after launching in its main net.

Platform: Chimpion's crypto e-commerce is strong and has resistance to any form of failure that might occur and merchants can access the platform freely with zero subscription fee. Chimpion's e-commerce platform has it made possible to merge popular e-commerce like Shopify and Woocommerce with the convenience of payment like stripe. This is been made possible by Cart Elite.

Chimpion Core: Chimpion's in-house has created a proprietary system which at the moment is being transferred to EOS and has Paytomat Core in the form of an EOS contract and services which are in place to take proper maintenance of merchants.

Empowering Merchant: the fundamental objective of Chimpion is to heighten the adoption of cryptocurrency as a payment service by inventing an efficient e-commerce platform. New startups and established merchant alike can make do with this huge network made possible by Chimpion. Chimpion's target audience are of three categories, including cryptocurrency core team, merchants wanting to accept crypto and customers paying with crypto.

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