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This time I will talk about the HIT Token, the Emrify token that will be booming shortly, in the crypto world.

To finance the cost of the HIT roadmap to its destination, Emrify will schedule a token map to distribute 1 billion HIT units.
40% of the 1 billion (400 million) HIT will be available for crowdsale.
Each HIT will be rewarded 0.025 cents per HIT to raise a total of $ 10 million.
At the end of the sale, HIT is distributed will constitute the whole of the available liquid supply.

20% of the 1 billion (200 million) HIT will be allocated to founding members Emrify Labs, advisors, core teams, and early employees are all subject to long-term vesting schedules.
In return, Emrify will deploy resources to integrate HIT cryptocurrency and go to market.

30% of 1 billion (300 million) HIT will be under the supervision of Emrify Labs and used strategically to foster ecosystems to reward early users and strategic partners
participate in networks including health stakeholders, dapps, and third-party developers.

10% of 1 billion (100 million) HIT will be provided for the foundation to have resources for development and attract employees for growth.
Unused HIT will be attached above 30% to adopt fuel as this is the most important goal


At Emrify, They strongly believe that the tokenisasi of health information is a golden opportunity to risk blockchain network to interfere with health care.
They strongly believe that Health Utility Tokens are innovative mechanisms that really deserve to be examined carefully under the law.
Given the circumstances, the state of Wyoming in the US has passed a law that provides flexibility for token utilities to be developed further.
While there is still uncertainty under federal guidance, Wyoming provides the original blockchain startup as a starting point to start a conversation just as we all explore the promise of this new technology.
They have built a prototype to demonstrate how HITs are used to exchange health information.
Their goal is to have a HIT transfer that works in production as soon as possible.
They hope to work with the State of Wyoming and the SEC to generate trust to continue to push the blockchain forward to change health care.


Emrify Labs will start a token-making event in Spring 2018.
It is useful for stakeholders to purchase an initial token for inventory on HITs for health data transfer after the operational network.
As proof of network seeding, there is a huge discount for stakeholders including hospitals, pharmacies, insurance, employers, researchers, academics, government,
Google, and anyone who wants access to more health data.
To be notified of updates related to the event, participants are invited to email their address at hit.emrify.com. The pre-registration process will require proof of identity and
shelter for larger purchases to ensure regulatory compliance.
Please check the website for more announcements regarding time and sales structure.

Website : https://www.emrify.com/hit/
WhitePaper: https://www.emrify.com/hit/assets/Whitepaper.pdf
Telegram grup : https://t.me/emrifyico
Telegram Channel : https://t.me/emrify
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/emrify
Twitter : https://twitter.com/emrify
ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3223929.0

AUTHOR : Rahutomo
BITCOINTALK : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=164173


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