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RE: Huge XR Token Discount for Steemians with 1 STEEM = $1.50 worth XR with STEEM / BTC / ETH

Hi - I just staked some XR tokens on the XR Web network to try this out ( - my tokens are gone but my leased land (in London) isn't showing up, transactions all confirmed.

How long does it take to sync?



The staking is instant after XR token transaction is complete on the blockchain (less than 2 min) . As we spoke on earlier, we are investigating your specific scenario

Thanks for sorting it - now staked!

Screenshot 20190520 at 12.23.55.png

nice, where did you stake?

Hi - around Leicester Square in London.

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thanks, sent you rest of XR tokens as well.

Excellent and thank you kindly!

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