What blockchain can offer to you and the government. ER

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What if governments embrace blockchain technology?


Bassing on the transparency in the blockchain, a chance
would come in handy for some government sectors/ministries to adopt the currency. In this case, concerned ministries would make financial requisitions then they would be funded directly to where its needed most. For example, it would be cheaper to pay foreign contractors since there is no foreign exchange.
Crypto currency adoption would minimize fund misuse in form of embezzleiment

Registration and verification
With blockchain, registration and verification of property can be made easy for both the government and the civil society for example it can help the government eliminate gost employees and farmers who would be receiving funds.
Driving license verification and renewal will be eased too where by the presses will be held online saving people from queuing for hours and days just to get their driving licenses verified or renewed.

Land and property
Due to the current situation sorrouning the lands and property, blockchain comes in handy because for both the government and the civil society in that, fake property owners, fake land titles, will be mitigated. This will resolve most land conflicts.

Govt recruitment
Digital identity
Famer verification
Voting ... the list goes on


I will end with the the question that was very asked in the 90s. “Will this internet thing work?”
The question of the 90s shouldn’t apply to block chain because we have seen how the internet has evolved the whole world, so it’s blochains turn to take part in the evolution.