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In my previous article on KIMERA, I described what kimera is, it's goal and mission, today, I wish to talk briefly about kimera’s architectural design. Hope you have lot of fun reading this review.

Kimera is a technological system that seeks to integrate two technologies: Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and blockchain smart contracts to provide a proactive peer to peer connections to humanity so as to break free of our over dependency on middlemen (Facebook, Google, Twitter, WhatsApp, among others) for connectivity, content and services

Kimera intends to use its Artificial General Intelligence ("AGI") to solve the problem of over dependency on middlemen for contents and services by providing devices, nodes and networks (e.g. devices, apps and content) the collected intelligence needs to establish automated peer-to-peer (P2P) connections so as to cooperate, share software code, personalize content, and deliver unique user information and experiences without involving a middleman.

Kimera basically consist of: (1) Artificial General Intelligence ("AGI"); (2) Blockchain smart contract, to ensure secure transfer of personal information to desire target; (3) Kimera's Nigel™, the world's first human-like artificial intelligence (AI); (4) Kimera network, the network to be built around Nigel; and (5) Kimera token (Kimera), the tokens that is set to operate in that network. These constituent of Kimera are set to work together to provide humanity the automated peer-to-peer (P2P) connectivity it deserves.

However, because it is practically impossible to develop a system that can do everything, Kimera’s architectural design is based on three key goals:

  1. To ensure absolute Privacy of user personal information – Kimera intends to ensure absolute privacy of personal information of all its users by providing its users with “Nigel Agent (s)” that will stay within their (users) control to provide them (users) with unprecedented control over their own data.
  2. To ensure Extensible of its Nigel AGI –Because Kimera believes that its Nigel AGI needed to be “raised” to become more valuable over a period of time to allow extensibility, Kimera intends to integrate its Nigel device middleware (a piece of software) into the devices across the globe to manage sensor data acquisition and execution of intelligence so that it Nigel AGI will be given a fair chance to learn the way of life of humanity.
  3. To ensure Decentralization of Kimera system – Because Kimera believes that its system need to be controlled by humanity, and not powerful organizations, it intends to achieve full decentralization of all aspect of its system by (1) making its Nigel AGI Node into a product, and (2) distributing it across the global network to network providers, including large public networks like AT&T or Comcast, or corporate private networks, or small business networks like a neighborhood coffee shop or home networks.

To achieve these goals, Kimera has built its Nigel AGI on a three-tiered architectural layers as presented clearly below.


The first layer is the Nigel device middleware (a piece of software) intended to be integrated into the everyday devices to manage sensor data acquisition and execution of intelligence. With the sole aim of assisting Kimera’s Nigel AGI to learn from humanity in order to serve humanity at its best.

The second layer is the Nigel Agent intended to provide users with unprecedented control over their own data. Thus ensuring absolute data security.

The final layer is the Nigel AGI Node, intended to be productized and made available to all network providers across the globe, including large public networks like AT&T or Comcast, or corporate private networks, or small business networks like a neighborhood coffee shop or home networks. With the aim of achieving a full decentralization of all layers.

Final words
Kimera is the only company that has a working AGI, called “Nigel AGI”, which is intended to make devices intelligent enough to enable proactive peer-to-peer connection without depending sole on middlemen for content and services. With this working AGI, Kimera is ready to move humanity forward by solving the challenges we apparently face with middlemen. As such, it is only prudent that we provide them with the needed support to make this project a success. if you wish to support Kimera’s project and see it to success simply visit here and find details on how to participate and contribute to the project.

The good news is, Kimera’s ICO is currently on going at Kimera official website and set to end on 30th of July, 2018. This means you have enough to weigh your decision to participate and contribute to its project.


Find detail/additional information about this project and its ICO in the links provided below.

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Amazing write up.
i personally love the concept behind Kimera's project
the reality of over reliance on this middlemen its actually out weighing the usefulness of AGI. Let support this project to move humanity forward.