QUADRANT PROTOCOL: Revolutionizing The Data Industry

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Data is a very liquid aspect of the internet. With millions of data moving every second from one point to another all over the world. However, businesses that require data for effective functionality tends to let go a lot of their resources (both monetary and otherwise) to lay their hands on any data they might need.

The internet brought about free flow of data and made data easily accessible by all. This puts a clear image in your head that data acquisition costs near nothing; but that's not the case. Data is needed by both small and large companies to function effectively but only few have the capabilities to access the amount of data they need.
The rise of the internet gave a rise to a myriad of industries that are constantly data hungry ranging from the e-commerce giants like amazon and alibaba, to he social media sensation like facebook, twitter, instagram etcetra. Facebook boasts of over one-third of the world's population on its site and this enhances its need for data.


Unlike the ancient industries that operate on coal and crude oil, the world has upgraded to a higher level upon which we rely on the World Wide Web as almost everything is completely fully or partially reliant on data to function smoothly and effectively.
However,there are still problems plaguing this new data-driven universe that has stagnated its growth and in some cases, threatens to handicap it completely. Emerging industries such as Artificial Intelligence(AI) runs entirely on data and we have witnessed its boundless potentials and how it reimagines the very way we do things. We still have small companies that are yet to completely tap into the AI revolution because they don't have access to the required data because it is expensive to acquire . For those that acquire a small portion of the data they need, they have to struggle with authenticity of the data they acquired and face the risks of purchasing fake, or compromised data that eventually lead to deployment of faulty algorithms and infrastructures that in turn yield no profits for them. For those in this category, these problems threatens their existence and reputation and there is need for a swift solution, THE QUADRANT PROTOCOL SOLUTION.


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Quadrant Protocol is an all-new blockchain-based data platform that was created to basically facilitate better data production, better acess to data, and adequate distribution of data and its services to end-users. Quadrant Protocol seeks to bring the much-needed order to the complex and deeply chaotic data industry around the world by ridding it of the plethora of challenges by bringing more openness, transparency, and maximum efficiency in the ways data is produced, processed , distributed and then used and then as a bonus, making it highly accessible to all businesses around the world.


Quadrant protocol aims to become the platform on which both centralized and decentralized businesses can tap into the data industry and fully exploit its maximum potentials without having to retrench. Quadrant Protocol's Platform much unlike any other data-centric blockchain platform is one that is carefully structured in order to ensure the hassle-free flow of genuine data from the producers to end-user around the planet by using a data stamping protocol for support and to prove authenticity of data. Hence, end-users of data will be able to trust the authenticity of the data and the creators or producers (known as nurseries) are rewarded for their authenticity when their data is used. With the platform, businesses can be sure they get access to data with proven authenticity.

Quadrant Protcol's platform is powered by the core Quadrant blockchain and the structure of the platform consists of Data Anchor, Guardian Nodes, Data Producers(Nuseries) and Data Consumers(end-users). The Quadrant blockchain uses the Proof of Authenticicty(PoA) consensus instead of the overused Proof of Work(PoW) and Proof of Stake(PoS) consensus Algorithm and this comes with better capabilities like faster transactions, larger block size, highly scalable and highly secured. The platform's business model will be dependent on two differnt tokens that have different functions altogether; eQUAD and QUAD.

Quadrant protocol will be the sought after solution to problems plaguing the data industry. It will provide a much easy-to-use interface and heavily streamline the world's data industry by enhancing transparency, efficiency, authenticity in all data practices. The current data industry is unbalanced; where only the big players with a lot of resources can operate seamlessly and small businesses with less resources are left on the verge of oblivion but QUADRANT PROTOCOL brings the much-needed balance that will ensure that the data industry is beneficial to all.



Well written bro, with quadrant data privacy and security is assured, i am bullish on this project

Quadrant protocol is truly revolutionizing the data industry with its cutting edge features. Nice write up

Quadrant protocol aims to become the platform on which both centralized and decentralized businesses can tap into the data industry and fully exploit its maximum potentials without having to retrench. Nice idea from the quadrant team

Quadrant protocol would ensure that data producers get necessary incentives for data produced and data consumers get access to authentic data

This is a good investment opportunity for investors. Great project indeed.

This is one of the projects that would be a big player in the data industry. Good project

Quadrant protocol will provide the open market with the most accurate data to meet up with the concrete circumstances of time and place

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