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The crowdfunding market began to show itself confidently since 2011. With its help, billions of dollars were attracted to the projects. Since then, there are more than 400 crowdfunding sites. Among them is Arizn, a crowdfunding site from South Africa. Over the seven years of their existence, they have been able to help attract initial funding for hundreds of projects and contribute to the creation of thousands of jobs. During this time Arizn found the problems of the sphere of crowdfunding, deciding which can significantly increase its effectiveness. This is what she is going to do with Blockchain technology, and attracts funds through ICO. About Arizn our review.


First, let's consider the problems of the project founders:

  • paid placement of projects. Like any business, a crowdfunding platform has a business model. In particular, someone uses the fees from the founders as a source of income. They comment on the need to create a barrier of entry to filter out weak projects;
  • limited coverage. Each site has its own audience, these are the people who are constantly watching the new projects of this site. But they are not so much, because there are many sites and the competition is great. This means that the founders of this audience should not be particularly hoped for when it comes to collecting more or less sufficient amount;
  • distrust of sponsors. Crowdfunding nowadays there are unregulated sphere. At the sites creates a lot skam projects. Investors who at least once burned, not so much want to help others;
  • it is difficult to get the borrowed funds. Today this process is labor-intensive. We have to wait a long time, and sometimes collect various information. There are no tools that would eliminate paperwork and automate reporting processes;
  • no reward for the dissemination of information. In simple words, there are no bounty systems on crowdfunding sites, when content distributors receive a reward for this.

And here is how the problems look through the eyes of investors:

  • the difference of sites. Each has its own rules and features. It takes a lot of time to understand each of them. And that sometimes you have to do. Because many projects use several platforms to raise funds;
  • everything is based on trust. As already mentioned, in the market of crowdfunding a lot skam projects. This is because the systems of these sites have where to roam scammers;
  • low liquidity. As a rule, projects at an early stage rarely become liquid. Most often, investors receive a minimum reward or not at all.



Arizn is a transparent crowdfunding platform on the Ethereum Blockchain. Now both sides are protected from secret schemes by automated reports. Arizn allows you to become a real investor in the project with AALT tokens.


Arizn developed a convenient interface to the founders. Now, by filling in the project profile, it creates a smartcontract that will be in the Ethereum Blockchain. After that, funds in the project will involve using tokens AALT that the project generates for its investors. After raising funds, these tokens will also serve as a tool for profit distribution, according to the smartcontract.

Infrastructure provided Arizn exchanger LiquiDEX. It can be used to exchange any currency pairs of AALT project tokens. Also, tokens AALT project can listing and in other foreign stock exchanges. Their standard is ERC20.

Project team

Arizn is a close-knit team that has been providing crowdfunding services to South Africa since 2011. During this time, they have grown into one of the most prominent crowdfunding sites in Africa and now intend to conquer the world market of crowdfunding using Blockchain technology.



  • Ticker: AALT
  • Token type: Ethereum ERC20
  • Number of tokens: 1,200,000,000
  • Cost of 1 token AALT: 0.0001 ETH
  • Payment method: ETH, fiat
  • Softcap: $2,000,000 (Target reached)
  • Hardcap: $25,000,000

The distribution of tokens when reaching the Softcap:



The Arizn project solves the problem of the real sector-the market of crowdfunding services, and does it with the help of Blockchain technology. It is important to note the well-coordinated team of experts in this market. The project has already attracted Soft Cap. Now the project Arizn tokens can be purchased with 30% discount.

Official resources of the Airzn project:


MY ETH ADDRESS: 0x90051516FC3451D7bF1b5e7D0A4486757FC81C32


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Good article

The super team must bring the idea to a high level. The project is already in its infancy and is a tasty morsel for potential investors. Without a doubt, the project will succeed.

Great project, very much. Thanks to the author for the interesting article content

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Thanks for the review! I will look at the project

I'm sure the project will be successful!

A potential project, many positive comments on the forum bitcointalk

I am pretty sure there's no need in describing such a sensational ICO-project. It tells everything by itself

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