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Today, the market has many crypto-currency exchanges. The largest of them Binance, Bittrex, etc. They long ago came to the market, and, seemingly, to get out of them in a row is impossible. But today we will focus on the project, which intends to take a strong position among the global bigwigs and become the market leader of crypto currency exchanges in the middle East. How is he going to do that? We now discuss in overview the ICO project CryptoSouk.


The countries of the Middle East today have enormous trade opportunities. Also, the legal potential of this part of the world is perfect for the introduction of Blockchain technologies everywhere.


In 2018 we've seen the launch of several exchanges aimed at the treatment of capital from the players in the Middle East. But all of them had a number of problems, to cope with which they were powerless.

  • First, the population began to withdraw funds from Fiat accounts. And do it often. Banks were forced to take extreme measures, including blocking transactions, because banking systems began to cope with such cash flows.
  • Secondly, under the tightening measures were persons with credit card transactions. People began to take a lot of loans to make capital in the cryptocurrency. This is a concern to banks, since the regulation for cryptocurrency, they even there is not a legal term, if the case goes to court.
  • The third problem is the low liquidity of modern trading and cryptocurrency exchange platforms. In the middle East, a large number of potential investors in cryptocurrencies are concentrated, who are ready to invest large amounts of money, but because of the problems they are extremely cautious.

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CryptoSouk is a cryptotrading platform. Such companies as ST Vincent & Grenadines and Kuwait participated in its launch. The start of the exchange is scheduled from day to day. The first trading currencies it is planned with currency pairs that support BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, DASH, ZEC and XMR.


CryptoSouk has extensive contacts in the market of the countries of the Middle East, which allows more convenient to use. In particular, the absence of a language barrier helps in this.

In addition to local networking advantages, CryptoSouk has a well-developed marketing strategy. It includes regional experience that will be native to the territory. And optimized channels, specializing in the Arabic language.


CryptoSouk technology is also focused on the global market, it has in front of the leading market players, in addition to local advantages, and technological competitive advantages. In particular, it is the speed of transaction processing, improved trading characteristics and security features.


At the moment, CryptoSouk is not so competitive to overtake competitors in a short time, and the team understands it. But because of the presence in the middle East, this gap must be steadily declining. And over time, this can become a major competitive advantage, because the middle East has a large money supply.

The middle East is under the sights of many competitors. Moreover, some people manage to attend it. Among them are BitOasis, and BitPado. But they are in other countries and do not understand enough about the problems of the Middle East markets. And the team CryptoSouk have experience of liquidity in the markets of the Middle East. The exchange supports client services in Arabic and has many regional licenses.

Project team

CryptoSouk has global and regional expertise in trading in the Middle East market. And the project team knows how to extract the opportunities from the Arabic language.

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Token name: SOUK
Token type: Ethereum ERC20
Token price: Pre-Sale 0.375$, Main Sale 0,5$
Soft Cap: $1M
Hard Cap: $11M
The start date of the pre sale: July 9, 2018
The start date of the main sale: 22 August 2018

The distribution of tokens is as follows:



CryptoSouk exchange has chosen a strategy for development through the resource in the form of extensive links in the Arab world, which, as is known, has a significant money supply of the world. At the same time, these capitals are looking forward to the launch of such a solution. Because it really solves their problems. This gives significant grounds to believe that the ICO will be successful and will end ahead of schedule. Before the Pre-ICO starts, there are seven days left.


Official resources of the CryptoSouk project:




As a Syrian native I can say that this is exciting news to me! Why? Cause I can read/write arabic :) which means I'll definitely be on this exchange & will be able to network in that circle. Not sure how it will pan out; all I know is that I want a peace of it!

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Another exchange, how many of them have already passed before my eyes

Unique, really interesting project! It is worth paying attention, because the topic is relevant, and the idea is quite effective

Such projects traders are very fond of and have great hopes for their realization!

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Finally the that the new have come up with

For beginners I think the most ideal option. I remember myself when I just started trading.

Offer a variety of tools is good. But let's be honest - everyone is waiting for good volumes, fast deals and listing a huge number of coins. If they can do these three things, it'll be cool

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