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I think no matter where we live, everyone wants to receive quality services. Especially when these same services relate to Finance or other vital areas. At what business not in pedantry, and in the simplest desire to receive qualitative actions from these or those organizations in the course of implementation of these or those services. This is normal.


However, not always and at all organizations it turns out to make it at high level. This leads to a number of problems that many users and customers have to deal with every day around the world. All this happens mainly for several reasons. First, many financial transactions of a classical (i.e. centralized) nature offer the user an extremely inflated cost of their services. Charging too much Commission fees for the implementation of a transaction. That naturally leads to the so-called financial loss on the part of the client.

  • Second, in addition to high fees, people often spend too much time making any international payment. And sometimes at all, to confirm your operation, you need to go through quite a difficult test, answering all sorts of questions to the Bank employee to whom and where you send this money?!

And if all these options in most cases cause discomfort and inconvenience to the most ordinary users, then what can we say about entrepreneurs, businessmen, investors and traders. Whose activities directly depend on the quality, speed and convenience of all financial transactions? In fact, the solution already exists and has been developed by an officially registered company in Estonia and it is called LIQIO.

About the project and its features.

In addition to being an officially registered company, LIQIO is also in the process of obtaining two of the most sought-after financial licenses for the vision of its activities. That already makes the level above LIQIO relative to many existing analogues in the financial services market.

  • However, it should be noted that the LIQIO project is aimed at the vision of all its operations by means of modern Blockchain technology to guarantee its users only the most secure, reliable and transparent conditions of cooperation. After all, as I wrote earlier, the classical (centralized) market of financial relations has long ceased to meet these requirements. Moreover, it lags far behind all decentralized functions provided.

If more detail LIQIO, this platform is a digital asset exchange, where each participant of the market will be able to find not only useful tools to use all the features of the ecosystem, but can get nice dividends for storing the internal markers of the platform.


Developing the theme of dividends, the developers plan to allocate about 50% of the profits from the earnings of the platform itself, to pay their users. At what they intend to carry out this practice monthly. That is naturally able to provide many users with a passive income for the careful storage of internal lqo tokens of the system on their wallet. That sounds like a great idea to me. Moreover, this method will clearly contribute to reducing the volatility of coins, and therefore provide them with proper value.

Accumulate the same 50% of the profits will be from the income of the platform itself, which include such moments as:

  • Commission fee for listing new coins on LIQIO;
  • Trade fee;
  • Fee for service;
  • Commission for withdrawal of money from LIQIO,
  • and the payment gateway itself.

Initially, it may seem to you that this is too much as they included various Commission fees within their platform. However, compared to traditional financial transactions carried out within the Bank or other financial institutions, these percentages are simply minimal. And means are far more practical, than than this there is now. Therefore, LIQIO definitely wins in all areas.


Moreover, the owners who will have at their disposal the internal token of the platform will be able to take an active part in the voting, during the development of LIQIO, its further functions and actions. Which I also find extremely convenient and in demand. People like to be consulted and genuinely want to know their opinion. After all, the user himself is the Central link of the system, for the sake of which, in principle, the entire decentralized structure of LIQIO EXCHANGE is created.

  • As for the working tools and the trading interface, the developers have tried not to reinvent the wheel, but to make everything as simple, clear and convenient as possible. After all, the easier it is for the user to do all the necessary operations, the less time he will spend on it. And as we all know "time is money". So, we can safely say that LIQIO is convenient to use both for the beginner of the digital assets market and for the professional in his field. After all, as I said no matter who you are and from where, everyone wants to get quality services. And LIQIO's story is just about that.


As for the internal token of the system (LQO), it will be developed on the basis of Ethereum and comply with the ERC-20 standard. It is important to note that the amount of delivery of coins will be limited to a total of 100 000 000 LQO. Which intends to give not only value to the coin itself, but also potentially increase its demand in the digital asset market. Moreover, the developers plan to hold a STO, during which the proposed number of coins will be distributed. As for me, this is a successful strategy, I hope it will meet their expectations, and they will collect the desired amount of Hard CAP expressed in 100 million.


In fact, THE liqio platform has a number of advantages and features, here mono is easy to include multilingual support 24/7, as well as a competent strategy for the development of its ecosystem, a qualified team and much more. In a word, LIQIO EXCHANGE is worthy of your attention, so that in the process of your acquaintance with it, it becomes for you the most faithful and reliable tool in the world of financial transactions.

But as they say, no matter how eloquent the author is, no one can tell you better than a technical document about LIQIO EXCHANGE. Therefore, I suggest you continue your acquaintance with LIQIO EXCHANGE by means of official resources. Links which you are looking forward to at the end of this article.

  • At this point, I will conclude my review of LIQIO EXCHANGE. I hope the above information was not only interesting for you, but also useful. I will be glad to hear your opinion on this in the comments. And don't forget to like and subscribe to my channel. Thank you for your attention and see you soon. Your SERGEY KLIMENOK.

The official resources of the project LIQIO EXCHANGE:

WEBSITE: https://liqio.co/
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/LiqioExchange/
WHITEPAPER: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Zq0d0k4-dJWqoVihnLdWLjTrpWX6YROV/view
ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5195018.msg52840589#msg52840589
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Liqio-101013327984747/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/LiqioExchange
LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/28385007/

MY BITCOINTALK PROFILE LINK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1238493
MY ETH ADDRESS: 0x90051516FC3451D7bF1b5e7D0A4486757FC81C32
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