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Have you ever thought about what our world will be like in 10, 20, and maybe in 50 years?! I'm sure many of you at least once in your life, but thought about it. Someone in the imagination draws urban landscapes familiar to us cities, and someone does see how our species plows the expanses of space. But, alas, as all will look on fact not knows no one.

However, people have resorted to this kind of thinking for a long time and what was unreal in the distant 50s-60s is now the norm for us. It is not necessary to go far, earlier people could communicate with each other only through letters, then there was a wired phone and only decades later there was a smartphone habitual to our modern person. The main functions of which are not limited only to incoming and outgoing calls. With the help of this device, many people have a full life. People can communicate, meet, take pictures, shoot and pay for their purchases, as well as conduct their business Affairs and much more.

And if you touch the era of development of cars and technology. If earlier people had the opportunity to independently control the equipment and were limited in some other indicators. Now the variety of choice of vehicles is so diverse that it is difficult to imagine what they will look like in the next 20 years.

  • But, no matter how much your imagination has not lagged behind the progress in many minds of mankind has long matured a very extraordinary plan in which they intend to present the world a flying car. I know it sounds fantastic. However, this is true and many world companies have been working on such concepts for many years. Yes, what is there to hide already in the near future at the 2020 Olympics Toyota will present its first flying car with which the Olympic flame will be lit.

But as it turned out, this is not the only concept in the world that is ready to demonstrate to the world completely new possibilities of modern technologies. I want to talk to you about this symbiosis now.

About the project

The project which will now be discussed is called Notarin Motors and as you may have guessed, the main goal of the project is to create the world's first serial flying car. Moreover, to make it not only the most affordable, but also on the technical characteristics to be one of the best offers in the market of this segment.

Yes, you heard right the founders of Notarin Motors intend to fight for the palm, because as it turned out all over the world there are already various kinds of development, but their price category starts from 200 000 dollars. The total cost of development of the project Notarin Motors is estimated at 74 000 dollars. Which is largely a more budget option than the proposals of its competitors.

Peculiar properties

It is important to note that the Notarin Motors project already has a full-fledged model ready for mass production. Moreover, its technical features include such actions as: electric motors, autopilot, four-seat cabin, vertical takeoff and landing function, power reserve of 220 km, average speed up to 125 km / h and much more.

But the amazing thing is not this, but the device Notarin Motors to recharge takes only 6 minutes. And it's true. After all, when you notice that the level of your charging on Notarin Motors began to decline, you just need to find the nearest charging station on the GPS Navigator of such devices, fly to it and simply replace the discharged battery with a fully charged one. What I think is extremely convenient, rather than you sitting for hours and waiting for your battery to reach 100% charge capacity.


In addition to the above features, Notarin Motors has a number of advantages. Many of you probably wondered, why do we even flying cars?! The answer to this question is actually very simple. We need them in order to get rid of many of the pressing problems inherent in the conventional car industry. First, Notarin Motors does not emit exhaust gases. Secondly, Notarin Motors in addition to the autopilot has also all sorts of sensors, as well as video surveillance cameras, which makes it a safer and more reliable means.

Excluding collisions with other aircraft, as well as with various objects and cars. Thirdly, Notarin Motors can be used by absolutely anyone, since driving skills are not required. Everything is controlled automatically by the built-in processes of the algorithm. And, fourth, Notarin Motors allows many people to avoid traffic jams in which they sometimes spend more than one hour of their precious time.


However, in addition to the fact that Notarin Motors is a high-tech solution in the form of a flying car, the concept itself will also involve blockchain technology with its cryptographic token. To bring the project to an end. It is important to note that the developers of the project with all seriousness approached the issue of protecting the rights of investors, so during the distribution of their coins, they intend to use a new type of voting system for all investors (PreDAICO).

The main feature of this approach allows investors to get some protection from unscrupulous actions on the part of Notarin Motors as the entire amount of investment will be divided into 24 months and each month they will receive only a small part of the investment funds for further work on the project.


In short, the project Notarin Motors is ready to turn our world upside down, opening up to us the amazing possibilities of new technologies. The use of which is not far off. However, to know the depth of the idea and concept, you will be very little of my words. Therefore, I suggest you continue your acquaintance with Notarin Motors by means of a technical document and official resources of the project. Links which I have prepared for you at the end of this article.

On this I perhaps will complete its the review. Thank you for your attention and see you again!

The official resources of the project Notarin Motors:

WEBSITE: https://notarin.space
WHITEPAPER: https://notarin.space/WP.pdf
BITCOINTALK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5205802.0

MY BITCOINTALK PROFILE LINK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1238493
MY ETH ADDRESS: 0x90051516FC3451D7bF1b5e7D0A4486757FC81C32
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