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RE: 360 STEEM + 40 Bonuses ~ Sponsored Writing Contest: Chimaera

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I do observe this too but due to the fact that I believe it is the objective decisions of the team behind the blockchain project . And I believe they are doing their best bringing out quality post as winners of the contest. For this, I have put in all my best to bring in a quality post for this week contest. And I hope I am part of the winners.


Different blockchain will give at least a little bit of differences. That's if the winner were not chosen by the same set of people who are biased. Just like the result of where @stojay007 collected 3steem bonus, 1steem bonus and even the video bonus. And for a fact @stojay007 always collect the reward for video bonus!!!!!!!

There were only two video submissions. They both received a bonus. Unfortunately a video bonus cannot be rewarded to those who did not submit a video.

The video awards are for original videos and not videos taken from any source related to the blockchain project being written about. I too have noticed that mostly the same people win every week but i believe its because they write real good. I'd try to better them should too.

Pls confirm before you say any thing pls .

Here is the link to his post, tou can check his video.

Sorry Sir but @stojay's video was original, made by him, explaining his post. Yours was not. Thats what i wanted to draw your attention to. Make an original video and you would surely have your bonus.

I always put videos in always all my entry for all @originalworks contest but never receive reward. I noticed that it's the same set that are receiving that always

Hahah....Very nice reply @unprovoked
Like it :)
"Unfortunately a video bonus cannot be rewarded to those who did not submit a video"