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The blockchain revolution has taken the global financial system by storm cutting across several sectors and industry with wide scale acceptance and adoptions. The enormous benefits have ensured continuous patronage by FinTech companies, communication companies as well as the health industry. The gaming industry has taken its piece with several projects keying into this revolution to introduce several designs and solutions in a bid to offer solutions to the several evident industry challenges. One of such projects which has stood out is the TRONscratch blockchain gaming platform which intends to offer unrivalled and unprecedented gaming solutions powered by a decentralized blockchain mechanism.

What is TRONscratch?

TRONscratch is a decentralized gaming machine whose long term mission is to become the biggest crypto based Player vs Player gambling platform. It has been designed to offer a Dapp browser based decentralized game that will offer several games for user interactions and satisfaction. TRONscratch is developed to be optimised with any device ranging from mobile devices to computer interfaces. The TRONscratch team intends to keep adding simple and thrilling games ranging from checkers to darts to Goofspiel amongst several other games as development continues on the platform.

With the help of decentralized contracts, TRONscratch will identify possible win, lose or draw situations or cases to determine operability by users on the system according to how they play.

How to Play on TRONscratch Platform.

Depending on the chosen option (computer or mobile), a user needs to possess a TRON wallet since the TRONscratch technology is built on the TRC20 Network which is the custom blockchain for TRON. If a user opts for the PC version, it is recommended to use chrome browser in order to get the optimum experience. A user needs to add the Tronlink wallet extension on their chrome browser to ensure smoothness and quality interactions on the gaming interface. For mobile users, they will be able to play games on the platform by interacting with the Dapps feature on the tronlink mobile app which serves the same function as the extension version on PC. Mobile users have the opportunity of getting a powerful and equally refreshing gaming experience since the Dapps offers every function available on the TRONscratch gaming interface.

Once the above processes are settled, a user needs to pick between the games available which could be either of TIC-TAC-TOE or ROCK PAPER SCISSORS games since this are the available options on the platform at the moment.

Since stakes are placed using the TRON custom token TRX, users have the opportunity of earning up to 90% winnings of TRX on every won bet which takes about 20 secs per game.

Features of TRONscratch


As is now the case with most platforms, TRONscratch offers 10% of total TRX generated as revenues from the platform to TAC holders. TAC is the custom token of the TRONscratch platform. Holders will enjoy these benefits so long as they have TACs in their portfolio. This action ensures and encourages continuity of the system.

For more information about the TRONscratch project, kindly access the official channels below:


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