The difference between a Visionary and a Speculator. Where Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are heading. A "must see" tweet by John McAfee.

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Vision of where #Bitcoin, #Blockchain and #Cryptocurrencies are heading..!!

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A "must see" tweet by John McAfee

Earlier on I was checking my twitter feed and came across a great tweet by John McAfee.

Regular readers of my Blog will know that I am a huge fan of John McAfee and share the same vision he has of where #Bitcoin, #Blockchain and #Cryptocurrencies are heading.

For those that may not have seen the tweet, here is the link..

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The difference between a visionary and a speculator.
John McAfee
Credit: John McAfee

How many picked the three of diamonds?

How many picked the three of diamonds? I guess you all did..!!

News coming soon

Following on from the Blog I published yesterday, I am excited to share with you the decision I have recently made and looking forward to sharing with you my vision of #Steemit and the #Steem #Blockchain later today and what I have decided to do.

Thanks again for reading.


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A vision and visionary helps keep groups focused and together, especially in complex and stressful times. Looking forward for the news @stephenkendal ...

John Mcaffe told a difference of visionary and spectacular in a very nice and practical way.

Indeed we all picked a three diamonds but it's important to be visionary

I wish let's the clock move fast upto the point where you shared your much awaited vision of #steemit and #steemblockchain. I already smell it will be very exciting like your other great services for this amazing community. Keep it up @stephenkendal

I also share the same visions like John McAfee towards crypto and i believe we are still in the early stages of blockchain technology. Good times to invest now ;)

ooo I love McAfee. he has a brave heart.

this is a musn't miss update. I need to check it now. I'm waiting for more about like you said.

this guy is a true visionary

and he also has that famous bet going.

infact he also tweeted that he plans to run for POTUS in 2020

I honestly never got into this space to get rich, I got in for the benefit of humanity and the 99%.

Thanks for dropping by my post today Stephen, it was noticed and appreciated.

Thanks a lot @stephenkendal, for inportant sharing of you

Introduce, I am @jkfarza, I am a lawyer from indonesia. I just joined steemit, on March 2018, I would like to be seriously learning about blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency. I will learn from you, so I could share with every lawyer in Indonesia.

This issue is still new in Indonesia, and it is very important to learn more about the experienced people like you, as an expert in law of crypto-currency theme .

Best regard from me


Good inform , thanks for your information .

Keep good work every time .

Thanks for sharing @stephenkendal
Upvote you .

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