AERGO - The best of both private and public blockchains

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AERGO — A blockchain protocol combined with an IT platform
AERGO ICO Overview
The AERGO ICO is offering the AERGO token to raise funds for a highly scalable, enterprise-ready blockchain platform and native protocol. The AERGO platform enables enterprises and developers to easily design, build and deploy their own blockchain applications within the cloud.

The platform offers the possibility for developers to customize their blockchain and dApps on both permissioned and permissionless chains. Developers can choose to deploy public and private chains alone or a configuration that integrates both.

Beyond a standalone protocol, AERGO includes a feature-rich middleware layer to help simplify connection with legacy enterprise software.

AERGO Marketplace enables peer-to-peer computing asset in a fully decentralised and secure environment.
AERGO users can buy and sell computing assets such as,

Computing Power
and more