MultiVAC — Pioneering Flexible Blockchain Platform

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A. MultiVAC project and its technology

  • MultiVAC is a new object in the public blockchain space. Using sharding (similar to Zilliqa, Quarkchain and Emotiq) MultiVAC aims to create high TPS to allow decentralized applications (dApps). Unlike Zilliqa and Emotiq (built from OmniLedger), MultiVAC uses VRFs for its consensus and segmentation options. Projects such as Dfinity and Ontology introduce similar random methods for selecting the mass creator.

  • The accounting method of MultiVAC uses UXO, similar to Bitcoin. Developers will be able to flexibly balance the CAP Theorem, namely consistency, usability and partition tolerance. If you are unfamiliar with CAP, see the article on Chain of Education titled Blockchain: A Game of Tradeoffs.

  • In short, decentralization of computing is currently an unresolved issue in computer science. Hierarchical networks can be maximized along two corners of the triangle with consistency, usability and partition represent the edges. MultiVAC is aware of these balances and allows developers to choose the settings they need to assume their use cases.

  • Web 3.0 technology stack hopes to compete and surpass the current Internet with scalable distributed networks. Public blockchains like Ethereum are working on Layer 2 solutions to achieve scalability. Hacked networks such as Zilliqa perform a number of security concessions in favor of higher scalability. EOS, recently launched the mainstream, has selected the "enough" right with 21 block manufacturers to create high-throughput networks.

     + Probabilistic Correctness
     + Unique Provability
     + Residual Pseudorandomness
     + Unpredictable Numbers – Verifiable Unpredictability Function(VUF)
  1. Team
  • Frank Lyu, Co-founder — Co-founder and CTO of, the leading HR SaaS start-up in China with investment from Sequoia Capital.

  • Xiang Ying, CTO — is a former Software Engineer from Baidu who holds a PhD in Computer Science from Nanyang Technology University in Singapore, 2 years as a Postdoctoral Researcher at Nanyang Technology University, 3 year as an Associate Professor at Tianjin University.

  • Claire Wang — Marketing director of Co-founder of She made the best new-media and community brand in the Chinese HR field.

  • TS. Xiao Xiao - Currently working at Highbridge Capital Management as a statistician, PhD in statistics from Harvard University. Do not mention MultiVAC on your LinkedIn profile.

  • Dr. Sun Sun - Profile Brain LinkedIn. According to the website: "Ph.D. by colleagues from Microsoft Research Asia and the University of Tianjin (MSRA-TJU). A Postdoctoral of Microsoft Asia Institute and an expert on AI. She is an applied scientist at Microsoft Research (USA). "

They have a profound and talented team, high-end developers, statisticians, researchers, and techies.

C. MultiVAC ICO Value Proposition

  • MultiVAC implements a novel approach to scalability for large-scale dApp development through a sharding model called Verifiable Random Functions (VRF) for transactions.

  • MultiVAC operates on the MultiVAC Virtual Machine (MVM), which includes the Blockchain Instruction Set Computer (BISC).

  • MVM currently supports C compilation based on LLVM,

  • MultiVAC utilizes a Proof of Instruction Execution (PoIE) consensus mechanism.

A. Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Advantages
    Extremely solid team academically and technically
    Unique approach to solving the “impossible triangle”
    Strong partners and advisors

  • Disadvantages
    Tokenomic Structure still in development

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