The United States Senate Embracing Blockchain?steemCreated with Sketch.

The coronavirus has physically separated people. This creates a problem in a world where in-person interaction is commonplace. Technology existed for years to alleviate this situation yet was not embraced.

Due to the virus, institutions are having to look at the different technologies to see how they can be implemented.

The United States Congress is also affected. Their votes are conducted on premise in person. Obviously, this is not easily accomplished due to the virus.


So what is the answer? Congressional votes are done in a manner that can leave no issue with who voted for what.

This is bringing up the prospect of blockchain.

The Senate is now looking at implementing blockchain as part of its voting process. This would lead to the establishment of verified votes.

One issue that is being looked into is one of security. Since blockchain is open to 51% attacks, the chain that is used, whether public or private, needs to be free from this. How can this be accomplished is the question.

This is a reversal in the stance by the United States Government. I maintained for a while now that the United States, because of its loyalty to the bankers and lack of understanding of technology by its political leadership, is falling behind the rest of the world. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are growing yet the United States is not the place to develop these technologies if you are a company. Start ups are best served going elsewhere.

A turn in the mindset of the Senate could go a long way towards changing the stance of the government in general. Thus far, the Administration showed itself to be an enemy of these new technologies.

Blockchain actually fits into a world that is advancing forward rapidly due to technology. It is a data structure that can allow for distance interaction while presenting an immutability. The fact that it is also transparent, public blockchains at least, also lends itself to government voting.

A bill was presented to move in this direction. We will have to see if it passes and how they work out the details.