Function X: Decentralizing The Internet

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The creation of the internet paved the way for lots of technological advancement to be made possible, it boosted every sector, exposing them to even greater benefits.

However, the internet have both centralized and decentralized qualities but the decentralization function is quite hard to harness compared to its centralization function which is cheaper and easy to harness which is why almost everything designed out of the internet is centralized and only the Blockchain Technology has been the only creation culled from the internet that is decentralized and it did cause, and is still creating, a lot of disruption in almost every sector.

A decentralized system is secure, transparent and provides individual governance – this is when an individual gets to solely decide what happens to their data/information, because the internet is centralized we do not often get this chance although we are given the feeling that we are in control of our data.

Don't you want a decentralized internet? A place where you are still exposed to great source of information but this time securely without risking data exposure, don't you want to implement FUNCTION X (fx)?

What Is Function X?

FUNCTION X or fx is a universal decentralized internet, fully integrated and powered by the blockchain technology together with smart devices. Unlike common blockchain related project which just utilizes some aspect of the blockchain, Function X is fully built on and for the blockchain and this means even the application source code, transmission protocol and hardware are fully secure and decentralized.

Function X will cause both the biggest blockchain and digital revolution, in its blockchain aspect fx will see a tenfold improvement on every aspect such as speed which will be performed in super lightening speed mode, transparency, scalability and governance. Function X is the sure solution for decentralization and its universal implementation will cause for a great revolution to begin.

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