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No matter where you are. What you do. Security is always key on the net. Being a custom blockchain we understand that and since we deal with real money, we care to explain how RIPA values your and our security. First we will eloborate some basics.

RIPA — The next generation exchange Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses cryptography for securing financial transactions. With the last decade’s technological innovations, and the meteoric rise in how cryptocurrency trading, it becomes imperative to maintain a transparent and effective exchange system. Too many exchanges nowadays are run by fraudsters and scamsters, who aren’t the least bit concerned with data security and safety.

Also, the current platforms require a hefty trade entry price of 250 to 300 thousand euros, which is just not feasible for businesses which are starting out People not only need a reliable exchange platform, but also the liquidity necessary to run a profitable business.

Time for change…

RIPA Exchange comes up with solutions to the above problems by providing a hybrid-decentralized exchange system. It has a sharp focus on lowering the entry cost involved in opening new exchanges and assist crypto traders in securing trading partners. Based on the open source code of Peatio, RIPA is a trustworthy and reliable exchange platform that also provides with the liquidity necessary to start a business, so owners can concentrate on user-base, growth, and technology building.

RIPA has always believed in maintaining an Open Source approach to its operations. We believe that the entry-level costs involved in setting up a crypto assets marketplace should be minimized. At RIPA Exchange you only have to pay server and network security operations cost, including customer support costs. We charge no other fee so you can concentrate on building your business. Our security features are industry grad. We use AE5256 encryption keys and have also chosen to re-modularize our source base. It enables us to separate the clients’ registry from the trading engine, which eliminates data compromise.

The RIPA Exchange UI offers its users with the best interface with a seamless design so the trading goes smoothly. If you trade in cryptocurrencies, you might be wondering about Proof of Solvency. RIPA’s PoS allows users to verify our exchange-based cryptocurrencies without compromising on data security.

Know your Customer and Anti-Money laundering Compliance

RIPA is KYC/AML compliant, and also allows you to open multiple trading accounts in different currencies. RIPA’s hybrid decentralized exchange will create a major network of exchanges which will share the same liquidity between each of them.

What’s more, is that RIPAEx will soon have its own blockchain, which will run on the DPOS protocol, enabling us to display newer cryptocurrencies, to advertise new projects, and to share liquidity with RIPA Exchanges in the same network. RIPA Exchange also has a variety of features like EWallets which include OKPay, Neteller, among others. It also provides with advanced trading features like margin trading, stop loss and take profit, etc. With all the above benefits, RIPA is a next generation exchange.

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