Uncloak’s Blockchain tokens represent real-world value

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Uncloak is an unprecedented community of cybersecurity specialists working together to protect organisations from data-breaches.
Uncloak is a DApp, a secure Blockchain cloud service, which is what makes it an evolutionary step forward for cybersecurity management.

In earlier blogs we talked about what Uncloak does and how it works; now let’s look at its value as an investment opportunity.

Why use Blockchain?

It’s an important question because although the IT world is excited about the new technology, a lot of people hear the word “Blockchain” and immediately think of Bitcoin, with its erratic market value and controversial history. But Bitcoin is only one of many diverse applications of Blockchain technology.
Blockchain is, in essence, a system to promote trust in collaborative work, and that makes it a very useful tool.

Uncloak uses Blockchain because it’s a robust platform for making decentralised systems and it’s baked-in token economy promotes collaboration.

“As the blockchain is in a perpetual state of replenish, the data entry points shift and this makes it considerably harder for cyber criminals to falsify access.
“Uncloak is the first blockchain service to detect cyber threats and put businesses and individuals at an advantage. It works with blockchain 3.0 EOS alongside AI technology which scrapes the global web to identify potential keyword driven cyber threats.
Uncloak.io is at the forefront of a cultural data shift and is perfectly aligned to the need to both protect and evidence the data stream.”
Hugh Chambers, Cyber Security Advisor, Uncloak.

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The Uncloak Blockchain ICO will create an investment opportunity and a token currency. But unlike most cryptocurrencies, the Uncloak tokens will represent real-world value, because they will be earned in exchange for actual work in the Uncloak network. Cybersecurity specialists, researchers and bug hunters who identify zero-hour threats will be rewarded with Uncloak tokens which can be exchanged for fiat currency or ETH.

Uncloak’s Blockchain generates utility tokens, which are inherently more valuable than most crypto because their value is supported by actual work, not just market speculation. Uncloak tokens will represent the research and innovation of cybersecurity specialists discovering and mitigating threats. With the rate of cyber-attacks growing explosively demand for better cybersecurity solutions has never been greater, so the value of Uncloak is based on a strong economic trend.

Building partnerships

The innovative potential and usefulness of Uncloak are quickly being recognised by investors and partners looking for a better way to handle cybersecurity.

Uncloak seeks global reach through a channel partner and B2C subscription model. Resellers are already signing on to distribute Uncloak; a clear indication of the company’s perceived value.

In 2017 Uncloak formed a strategic partnership with Adecco the world's largest human resources firm.
Adecco recognises that company structures are changing which calls for a rethink of traditional ways of thinking about managing teams.

Adecco sees value in the disruptive potential of Uncloak’s Blockchain DApp model and wants to use it to provide cybersecurity consultancy to their clients.

Like Uncloak, Adecco understands that the way business is done globally will look very different five years from now, but people will always be central to commerce. Adecco is focussed on tailoring data security solutions for their clients that free them up to maximise the opportunities of the digital world while minimising the risks.

“Uncloak will be supported through relationships with big partners like Adecco who want to offer their customers an expert, unbiased approach to contemporary cybersecurity.”
Cybersecurity expert Nick Banks - Uncloak’s Commercial Director.

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One clear challenge that has emerged with digital transformation is how to secure the data channels used in increasingly decentralised workplaces. Evolutionary changes in the way people use technology like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) mean that doing business is more creative and efficient than ever before but with that comes a heightened risk of human-targeted cyber-attack.

Security: the real-world value of Uncloak

Business reports addressing cybersecurity like PwC’s CEO Survey and the WEF Global Risks Report show that cybercrime data breaches have the potential to wreak havoc on even very large companies.

Investigations by the Washington Post recently revealed that the hackers who attempted to seize control of the US power grid used simple, human-targeted techniques to get inside utility companies’ control systems.

"We are facing an urgent, evolving crisis in cyberspace… Our adversaries capabilities are outpacing our stove-piped defences to the point where virtual threats now pose an even bigger threat to national security than physical threats.”
US Department of Homeland Security Chief Kirstjen Nielsen.

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There’s little doubt amongst business leaders that cybersecurity is an urgent issue but there is less clarity around how to mitigate the threat.

Uncloak’s customisable, decentralised model addresses the most pressing problems in the current cybersecurity context, where zero-hour human-targeted attacks like phishing and malware are the biggest threat to data-security.

Cybersecurity results in real time

Uncloak offers premium cybersecurity protection to every business, regardless of size. The innovative Threat Bounty system built into Uncloak coordinates the work of researchers and security experts worldwide and puts that intel within reach of every user.
Instead of monitoring thousands of threat reports in a cumbersome centralised process, the Uncloak Blockchain will compare the reports of researchers automatically using its AI-powered peer-to-peer network.

Uncloak creates an EOS powered Blockchain trust environment where verified threat hunters can collaboratively identify vulnerabilities and develop solutions in real time.

In this video, Jae Chung talks about the EOS Blockchain technology that drives Uncloak:

Uncloak’s threat hunters come from ethical hacking, research and penetration testing backgrounds. Data contributed by researchers working in the Uncloak Blockchain platform is cross-checked and verified before being delivered to customers to ensure the highest possible standard of cybersecurity protection.

Learn more about Uncloak

No business can afford to ignore the threat of cybercrime. Even small companies have contact lists and financial records that are valuable targets for attackers.

Experience a demo of Uncloak right now on our website: go to https://demo.uncloak.io/

If you would like to learn more about the technical details of our unique AI/Blockchain system, please take a look at the Uncloak Whitepaper, here.

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