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RE: 360 STEEM + 40 Bonuses ~ Sponsored Writing Contest: Chimaera

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Hi @salaujohnson.

Users who participate in the contests on an ongoing basis are neither awarded nor punished. The factors considered in making the selections are as follows.

  1. Plagiarism
  2. Grammar
  3. Content
  4. Formatting/Design
  5. Originality/Creativity

There are people who have been participating for a long time and whose writing has drastically improved.

I urge you to continue writing. There are numerous users who were at the bottom but are now landing on the top list. People on the top sometimes fall off as well as the competition gets stiffer. The nature of competitions is that unfortunately not everyone can be a winner. This is why @OriginalWorks has a very generous bonus structure that ensures most participants get something for their efforts.


How about giving bonus to the same guy .??


Hmm.... Well thanks for attending to my complaint. I really appreciate. You have said it all. But why have you not being accepting entry @unprovoked. My last 2 entrys was not accepted. Even my friends do complain that you don't always submit their works. Which automatically deprive them of their chance of being and winner

This is the first time you have submitted an article to any @OriginalWorks contest.

Please let me know what other entries you are speaking of. I will be sure to look into it.

Hello, I left you a message on discord about 1 user copying other people's work. There are probably more but I just discovered one. Please check.