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RE: WE URGENTLY NEED someone who knows GitHub, Busy’s code and SteemConnect

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Thank you so much @coach.piotr for this post and thanks to everyone who shared. As Piotr said, we are looking for someone to fix an issue with SteemConnect (SC) in an app forked off of Busy.

The app is at:

Now, we are sure that the problem is due to SC metadata feature which was recently deprecated.

Worke to be reimbursed for upon agreement in STEEM/ETH, etc. Let's talk.

Appreciate any and all tips, referral and help.


So I was seemingly able to log in to the app at the given link. I can't save any of the profile info (name, about me, location etc.) however. The save button just doesn't do anything.

Did someone fix the unable to log in issue you mentioned, or is this related to what you were talking about? I haven't seen any new commits.

I'll at least come back and look at problem this for a while when I've spare time to Steem until it's solved.

Hi @a-non-e-moose and thanks for your efforts. Let's jump in Discord or any other way to DM. It won't be very easy to communicate in detail in comments.
Anyways, the SC team was kind enough to reenable the metadata feature for a few days. That's why we're now able to log in again. At least we know the culprit of the problem though. So in a day or two when they disable it again, I can let you know so you can check it out again if I haven't found a fix in the meantime, if that's fine with you. Thank you.

Sure, sounds good.

How do you feel about transfer memos? Send me one if that counts as a DM to you. I'll stop flooding @coach.piotr's comment section now and get back to whatever else I do :)

Sure, will do. Thank you and talk soon. :)

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