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RE: WE URGENTLY NEED someone who knows GitHub, Busy’s code and SteemConnect

in #blockchainlast year

Hi @a-non-e-moose, thanks for your post and your interest!

Shouldn't be that complicated but what do I know :)
Here's the GH link:

If you're interested in taking a stab at this or need more details, please ping me on Discord and let's talk:


I downloaded the code and I'm trying to track down the relevant lines. Unfortunately it seems that the link in the original post describing the details is broken.

I made a Discord account once upon a time ago but I never really used it more than once. I'd have to dig up the account info and such. With thoughtful writing and patience I think this comments section could suffice to exchange those details. Unless you have some aversion to doing so of course.

I'll check back in some hours.

Hi @a-non-e-moose, thank you for your time and effort. Please let me know if you need any further details. You mentioned some broken link there. Please elaborate if need be. Thanks.

Oh I actually probably should have directed the part about the link to @coach.piotr. I saw your username on github and got confused.

No matter now, the link is back up.

I also think I've found the relevant files.

No, it's fine. coach.piotr was kind enough to resteeem about the issue, though he's not familiar with the details. I can provide any further info where needed, including links. Thanks again.

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