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People have long ago give each other loans. Sometimes it is vitally important. Modern credit systems operate centrally, under the control of the Central Bank. It is he who dictates the basic conditions, rules and laws. Credit systems have nothing to do but to folow them. All anything, but it imposes a number of restrictions that affect the pocket of borrowers, who have nowhere to go without alternatives. These problems are going to solve the project DCC (Distributed Credit Chain), combining the principles of lending with the Blockchain technology. Let's talk about the ICO of this project today.

The problem

Disadvantages of modern banking systems are as follows:

  • high lending rates. As we have already noted, there is a certain limit, dictated by the Central State Banks, below which it is not profitable to issue loans. We have to put up with this. Power is power;
  • technological underdevelopment. The reason for this is also the monopoly of the Central Bank. In this case, the lack of competition does not motivate development. Most banks still use e-mail for working communications. 20% of banks do not have on-line payments. A third does not have mobile applications. In them everything happens in the old-fashioned way, with "legs";
  • high component of the human factor in making decisions about the issuance of a loan. These decisions are made by credit managers and bear no responsibility other than salary bonuses. On the one hand, they can approve the loan in general, practically without formal grounds, without documents. On the other hand, they may not approve the loan, although the lender has all the necessary documents. The same form of personal income tax can be printed on a printer, filled with the necessary information and have the signature of an unauthorized person. These documents are not checked in any way. The only thing they can do is call. Again, at the phone number that the lender left;
  • there is almost no transparency of processes. Increasingly, banks are trying to mislead their creditors. There are different ways. He verbal non-negotiation, before prescribing strict conditions in the contract in small print. The lender is remembered when it is already late and the big obligations have grown, for which he has to overpay considerably, sometimes several times the amount of the loan.


The solution

Distributed Credit Chain is a credit platform on the Blockchain. With its help you can get a loan almost in real time. At this rate for loans will be significantly lower than bank rates. And the country in which the lender is located does not matter at all.

DCC aims to destroy banking lawlessness. And to motivate loan systems for development.



The staff of the Distributed Credit project consists of professionals with proven experience in the field of finance and other areas necessary for the implementation of the project. The picture shows the main management team. The main staff of the team is much broader. It includes developers, marketers, financiers, lawyers and other specialists.


In the advising staff includes well-known industry people. They will not let the team slow down and help in difficult moments, in word and deed.



This is an unusual ICO. It ended very rapidly. Investors included the largest crypto investors and crypto funds. It is logical now to expect listing on the stock exchanges to buy DCC tokens.



One of the logical areas of application of Blochein is the banking sphere. And such projects are very much appreciated among the crypto community. This is an up-to-date project and interesting for investors, as the preliminary closing of the ICO shows. Most likely the DCC token expects growth, after entering the exchange.


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Official sources of DCC project

Website: http://dcc.finance
Whitepaper: http://dcc.finance/file/DCCwhitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DccOfficial2018
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DccOfficial2018
Telegram: https://t.me/DccOfficial
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3209215.0


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