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Who did not dream of repeating the story of the success of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? The industry of technological entrepreneurship fascinates and attracts thousands of people around the world. They are called startups. They do not yet have a business, but there is an irresistible desire to create a new technology that the world has not seen before. The first thing that a technology entrepreneur has to face is to collect a team for an idea. And here begins what most depends on the success of the project. And it is here that GigTricks will help, Blockchane platform for the formation and interaction of the startup team in the implementation of the project. Now GigTricks attracts investments through ICO. All the details in our review.


Team building is a very difficult and extremely important time for entrepreneurs of any level, from beginners to serial ones. The selection of the team should be approached very carefully. However, decisions are becoming more frequent when team members participate remotely. It is more convenient to work from home, and the likelihood of finding a good picture grows if you look around the world, and not in one city. Here can helps the site for freelancing.

Their principle lies in the fact that the customer creates a technical task, finds the contractor and negotiates with him about the price and terms of execution of the TOR. This is not always convenient when it comes to complex developments.

There would be a system that provides the infrastructure for remote command interaction. From the moment of finding competencies, up to the moment of distribution of bonuses among team members.

Previously, it was almost impossible to implement such a site. It would be necessary to monitor and take into account many indicators and assessments. With Blockchain technology, such a system becomes possible.


Gigtricks is a blockchain for remote interaction between entrepreneurs and freelancers, possessing the necessary tools for teamwork.

The Gigtricks vision is to prove the theory that they themselves derived - the Big Bang theory of Gigtricks. According to this theory, you can create a large organization that will have a system of self-management and self-development. He will be alive, gain experience and develop. In it, you can find any competencies for the most optimal conditions. It will be something like a single collective collective mind of the technological entrepreneurship of the planet.


GigTricks is based on six components:

  • service market;
  • human Resources Department;
  • school;
  • social network;
  • department of the conclusion of smart contracts;
  • utility token GBTC.

    GigTricks_Freelance _ on Demand.jpg


This shoemaker has shoes. The project team is big and professional. In it there is, both the management structure, and the composition of the immediate executors of the project. The management team includes global professionals with experience in large companies.

GigTricks_Executive Team.jpg

The composition of the direct executors of the project is represented by professionals from all the necessary fields. Marketing, sales, blockchain, education, labor market, etc.

GigTricks_Our Team.jpg

Special attention should be paid to the advisors. Advisor team includes authoritative experts and business stars.

GigTricks_Our Advisors.jpg


Short name of the token: GBTC
Issue of tokens: 1 000 000 000
Smart contract: ERC-20 (Etereum)
Start Pre-ICO: June 1, 2018
End of Pre-ICO: June 30, 2018
Nakchalo ICO: September 1, 2018
End of ICO: September 30, 2018
Soft cap: $ 5M
Hard cap: $ 50M
The price of one GBTC token: $ 0.248
Bonuses are shown in the figure below.

GigTricks_ICO Timline _ Bonus Scale.jpg


The project is objectively good. On the ICO listings, it has high expert assessments, is considered one of the most promising modern projects. GBTC tokens can now be purchased at a discount of 25%.


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