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What is the future of Bitcoin? Someone argues that his days are numbered, and someone - on the contrary, is preparing for another ascension of the "old man" to Olympus. Still others are firmly convinced that Bitcoin will become the universal monetary unit of the future. According to the forecasts of the Evangelists, the price of Bitcoin may be higher than a million dollars in 2025. In any case, it will be very cool if Bitcoin can be used in reality to pay for various products or services, and not just into the crypto universe. And there is one project that takes big steps in this direction! Meet - Blockonomics! Soon, with the help of bitcoin, you can buy anything and sell anything. Our review is devoted to the ICO of this project.


After the advent of the user's Internet, those who viewed this resource as a business channel appeared. The first purchases via the Internet took place simply by filling out the form with the address of delivery, and the payment was made after the delivery or when it arrived at the post office with an established payment. Then began to appear online payment systems. Those who stood at the origins of these technologies earned incredible fortunes in their time. At the current time, there is a similar situation with Blokchain. Someone is waiting for a huge jackpot!

There is a lot of noise around this topic. But crypto enthusiasts still have to suffer with the exchangers in order to buy a loaf of bread. This problem is long overdue. Who will take this apple?



Blockonomics is a platform for e-commerce.


Entrepreneurs. This allows you to create an online store, and it is safe and profitable to accept payments from customers in Bitcoins.

And for users of Blockonomics, this bitcoin-wallet, which has the following functional:

  • control your bitcoin-purse. All operations with the purse are recorded in the action history. It is convenient to recall the actions with the wallet, but the main task of this function is to protect against unauthorized actions;


  • p2p purchase. This function allows you to buy goods at a certain price, without worrying about the fact that the price may change during the transaction;


  • search engine transactions. It is convenient to use when you need to trace the origin of the value. For example, understand where the goods are at the moment;


  • payment button plugin. Allows you to transfer the crypto currency directly to the entrepreneur. It, in turn, for embedding a plug-in on your site does not need to pass KYC;


  • sSending Bitcoin by e-mail. This function allows you to conveniently transfer Bitcoins by mail. In fact, a link and a promotional code are sent. When referring to a link, the recipient is invited to register in the wallet, if it is not already registered. A promotional code allows you to confirm the value. It must be entered in a special field and the Bitcoins are transferred to a purse.


    Blockonomics is already used by hundreds of online stores around the world. With Blockonomics, the life of thousands of Bitcoin evangelists has become more comfortable and enjoyable.


Blockonomics began as a project in the distant 2015. The team of crypto enthusiasts, drunk with the idea of creating something essential for the crypto industry, is developing solutions to control of the personal Bitcoin wallet. Gradually, new useful functions began to be added to it, among which the exchange function took root. This became in demand among merchants to accept payments in Bitcoins.







Blockonomics has everything for success, both ICO and product. First, the product is already ready and many people can not do without it. Also, the project has a lot of high ratings in the ICO project ratings. Pre-ICO started recently, now a 20% discount applies to BCK tokens.


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